Peru Theatre Company completes its celebration of new plays this semester with the world premiere of Balance, a brand-new play written by Peru State College student Katelyn Crawford. Crawford is an English Language Arts Education major and in the honors program. Balance is her honors distinction project that brings her love of English, writing, and theatre together in a full-length play.

Crawford describes the story of Balance: “Paul writes to escape the pain associated with the loss of his wife and his feelings of inadequacy as a father. This seems to be doing more harm than good. Now his daughter, Harper, must simultaneously navigate her father’s painstaking hobby, all the while trying to open a new business with her friend Nettie. The struggle to find balance proves to be more challenging each day.”

When asked about her process of writing the play, Crawford said: “When I first began this project, my goal was just to write something quick so that I could direct a full-length play and earn some distinction credit. As I began working with my mentor, Laura Lippman, I had a rude awakening. Writing a play is hard! The editing process was, and continues to be, by far the most humbling part of the experience. I am learning more each day and how much I still must learn. This process has taught me to be flexible and to accept feedback with grace. I have learned that there is much more value in the process than the product.  No matter what happens, the process will have been worth it.”

Lippman directs Peru Theatre Company members Trey Drake as “Paul”, Kalika Schryer as “Harper”, CoDee Hartle as “Nettie”, Grace Darling as “Leah” and Caleb Kozeny as “Parker”. Emily Mattox reads stage directions. 

Balance is a script in hand staged reading and performs Monday 12/4, Tuesday 12/5 at 6 p.m., and Wednesday 12/6 at 5:30 p.m. in Jindra Black Box Theatre. Tickets are FREE.