(Peru, NE) – Peru State College will soon hit the two-million-dollar fundraising milestone for Project ROAR, a campaign to build five new health and wellness-related facilities on the Peru State campus. The project will be the first construction of all-new buildings on the campus of Nebraska’s first college since 1980. It is also the largest construction project in the history of the College. 

“Reaching the $2 million mark is significant,” said Dr. Michael Evans, Peru State College President, “because it represents a very fast start for the fundraising, which reflects the dedication of Peru State’s alumni and donors. We started construction of the first two buildings—the Recreation Dome and the Diamond Building, which will bring extraordinary benefits to this College and our students. We anticipate that construction to take about 18 months, so we plan to open those buildings in the spring of 2025, and we are very excited to witness the impact these buildings will have on the lives of our students.”

The overall cost of Project ROAR is estimated at more than $15 million, up slightly from initial projections due to rising construction costs. Of that $15 million, Peru State College received $8.3 million from the State and saved approximately $2.4 million from its budget. That left a bit over $4 million needed from fundraising efforts. The nearly $2 million raised so far does not quite reach the halfway point of the fundraising goal but means there will soon be $12.7 million total that has been pulled together for this project. On a $15 million total, that approaches the 85% mark, leaving the last 15% to be raised in the coming months.

“As it is the first new construction in over four decades, Project ROAR is paramount in fostering Peru State College’s growth and advancement,” said Ted Harshbarger, Executive Director of the Peru State College Foundation. “This endeavor addresses the evolving needs of the College and signifies a commitment to updating recreational and athletic facilities which will enhance the campus's overall vibrancy. It will be an attractive addition to the Campus of a Thousand Oaks and will be beneficial to the students, staff, and surrounding communities.”

Nestled in the hills of historic southeast Nebraska, Peru State College offers a mix of innovative online and traditional classroom undergraduate and graduate programs, including online graduate degrees in education and organizational management.

Established in 1867 as Nebraska’s first college, Peru State has transformed over the past century and a half into a state-of-the-art institution offering diverse, multifaceted educational programs annually to nearly 2,000 students.