Congratulations to the 12 students who competed in the 2022-2023 FBLA Collegiate State Leadership Conference. Peru State FBLA had all students place in the Top 10 this year!

The following individuals placed at the statewide conference held in Kearney, Nebraska. Based upon placements and type of event, a few students are automatically eligible to compete at the National Leadership Conference, which will be held in Atlanta this June. At this time, 4 students have automatically qualified for Nationals, and several others may be “moved up” soon. Students can compete in only 2 events at Nationals, and since students will have options, other students may move up in the standings as participants decide which events they will enter.

Peru State College alumni were involved at the FBLA Collegiate State Leadership Conference. These judges included: Ted Harshbarger (not present, but reviewed production events), Emily (Slama) Ethington (not present, but reviewed production events), Alex Wessels, Jennifer (Clark) Roth, Hannah Chubbuck, Trey Nelson, and Tristen Nelson.

Individual Events-----(students listed in alphabetical order; an * indicates automatic qualifier in this event)


Azlyn Fendrick (Lincoln)

3rd place – Business Communication

5th place – Human Resource Management

6th place – Retail Management

7th place – Project Management


Ashley Glazebrook (Ogallala)

2nd place – Help Desk*

3rd place – Client Service


Peyton Grubbs (Nebraska City)

8th place – Retail Management

9th place – Project Management


Lander Imbimbo (New Haven, United Kingdom)

7th place – Microeconomics


Jillian Karl (Nebraska City)

Who’s Who in Nebraska FBLA

3rd place – Retail Management*

7th place – Marketing Concepts


Sawyer Kinnison (Nebraska City)

7th place – Cyber Security


Noah Kreifels (Auburn)

4th place – Foundations of Finance

5th place – Macroeconomics


Seth Leddy (Omaha)

6th place – Cyber Security

9th place – Information Management


Jeremy Matuszewski (Bellevue)

3rd place – Networking Concepts*

4th place – Cyber Security

5th place – Computer Concepts


Will Mueller (Springdale, AR)

6th place – Sports Management & Marketing

10th place – Marketing Concepts


Cole Nahlik (Washington, MO)

9th place – Entrepreneurship Concepts

9th place – Macroeconomics


Kolby Tibbets (Wichita, KS)

8th place – Computer Concepts


Team Events

Jillian Karl & Sawyer Kinnison

2nd place – State of the Chapter Presentation*


Peru State College - PBL Chapter Awards

Gold Level Excellence Award