As many of you know, Peru State has a long history of excellence in education. We started as Nebraska's first college with a legacy deeply rooted in preparing outstanding teachers. Today we continue that tradition by equipping aspiring educators with the skills, knowledge, and passion they need to excel.

However, we face a critical challenge in Nebraska: a shortage of dedicated and qualified teachers. The need for exceptional educators is pressing, and we believe that our alumni, who have experienced the power of a Peru State education, are uniquely equipped to help address this issue.

We invite you to join us in identifying and nurturing the next generation of teachers.  You, our esteemed alumni, are valuable ambassadors and your recommendations carry immense weight.  If you know of high school students who exhibit a passion for education, a love of learning, and a desire to make an impact, we need your help in referring them to Peru State.

Making a recommendation is simple!  You can connect future students in any of the following ways:

1.       Fill out our online referral form.

2.       Email us at  

3.       Call our admissions office at 402-872-2221 and mention the name of the prospective student.

Your support in this endeavor will not only contribute to filling the critical need for educators in our state but will also grow the legacy of Peru State preparing fantastic teachers.

Bobcat teacher graduates can be found throughout Southeast Nebraska and beyond doing good work with young people: teaching, coaching, and leading in their communities.  Thank you for helping us connect the next generation of educators to Peru State where we take pride in preparing exceptional educators!