Peru, Nebraksa - Peru State College recently hosted its seventh annual kayaking, paddle boarding, and outdoor education event at Duck Creek on September 13. This event was organized by Dr. Frank Lynott and Dr. Darolyn Seay. They attribute the success of this event to the support and collaboration of Peru State College professors campus-wide, the School of Education, and College 101 professors, Peru State administration, and the Auburn Middle/High School Special Education program. Peru State Student Activities provided a shuttle service to and from Duck Creek. Lincoln Paddle Company provided kayaking and paddle boards for the second year in a row. 

Both students and professors attended the activity with Peru State students encouraged to participate in the various outdoor education activities at Duck Creek throughout the day. The event lasted from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., allowing students to attend before or after classes. 

The event aimed to generate ideas for field trips, provide opportunities for exploring local recreational activities, and foster interactions among peers and professors in an outdoor setting. The event facilitated socialization with people residing in and around Peru, benefiting students, staff, and families. Dr. Ingram expressed his pleasure in conducting such an event at the college and emphasized the significance of Peru State College's community in providing opportunities for diverse individuals to learn from each other in a unique setting.

Students enrolled in the School of Education methods courses experienced the value of using the outdoors as a rich and engaging learning environment for their future classes. According to Dr. Lynott, “This year’s record-breaking attendance was the result of support between several departments and regional stakeholders. We had 153 Peru State students and 15 students from Auburn Public Schools (Special Needs) Life Skills Program.” There are plans to further enrich the event with other campus and regional programs or organizations in the surrounding communities.

Alexis Wittwer, a Peru State Physical Education student, enjoyed working with special needs students from Auburn. “These students got to experience what it is like to kayak and paddle board which was very rewarding. It was a learning experience that I do not think can be replicated in a classroom setting.”

Skye Grafton, a Life Skills Teacher with Auburn Public Schools, was impressed with the event and believes that hands-on learning opportunities are essential for future teachers and her students had an amazing time with Peru State Students while at Duck Creek.