Peru, Nebraska - On Wednesday, September 7th, Peru State College held its annual kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, and outdoor education event at Duck Creek. This event was organized by: Dr. Frank Lynott, Dr. Darolyn Seay, Dr. Kelly Kingsley, Dr. Robert Ingram, Dr. Sara Westerlin, Nebraska Game and Parks, Student Activities, School of Education, Methods professors and college 101 professors. The Lincoln Paddle Company provided kayaking and paddle boards for the second year in a row.

The activity was well attended by students and professors alike. Students were encouraged to come relax and enjoy at any point in the day, to enjoy the various activities at Duck Creek and experience the education opportunities available outdoors. They could catch a variety of the local fish or even an elusive koi, or kayak and paddle board the surrounding waters. Larry Pape from Nebraska Game and Parks gave insight to the students about fauna that inhabited the area. The event lasted the entire school day from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m, and students were able to come out between or after classes.

This multi-faceted event allowed College 101 students to brainstorm field trip ideas, experience a local recreational opportunity, and interact with their peers and professors in a unique and engaging context. It helped provide students, staff, and families an opportunity to meet people in and around Peru. When Dr. Ingram was asked about the occasion, he said, “I was delighted to have an event like this at the college.” He stressed the importance of Peru State College’s community providing an opportunity for diverse people to learn about each other.

Student attendees enrolled in the school of education methods courses experienced the value of using the outdoors as a rich and engaging learning environment for their future classes. According to Dr. Lynott, “The turnout this year was great! We had 89 students this year.” There are plans to further enrich the event with other campus programs, Game and Parks, and the surrounding communities.