Peru State College’s entrepreneurial master’s program has ranked #1 on eight related lists by Business Degree Central and

Peru State’s entrepreneurial master’s program ranked #1 in the united states on as well as the top entrepreneurial studies school in Nebraska and the Top Plains States. According to, Entrepreneurial Studies is the 101st most popular major in the United States with 1,778 degrees and certificates awarded in 2018-2019 and the 69th most popular degree in Nebraska.

Business Degree Central said, “Factors related to overall quality of the school, post-graduation earnings, average student debt, and more accumulated were considered when coming up with this list.” stated, “We place a high emphasis on the school's quality as well as its sticker price. Even though a college may be affordable, it may not offer value. More specifically, we discount our quality score by the published tuition and fees charged by a school. This gives the cost per unit of quality for each college. The value is determined by how much quality your dollar buys.”

In 2019, Peru State College awarded 18 Master’s degrees in entrepreneurial studies.

You can learn more about Peru State’s entrepreneurial program here.