Peru, Nebraska – The day after classes began, Peru State College hosted Convocation for its freshman class. Each attending student received a commemorative coin. The coin features the College seal on one side and “Class of 2025” on the other.

The new students were grouped by their intended major – from art to undeclared – and seated beside faculty from their College 101 courses. An enthusiastic faculty sat across from the students, many adorned in their academic regalia.

Dr. Timothy Borchers, Vice President of Academic Affairs, began the event, greeting the incoming class. “We’re here to mark the next milestone in your academic journey. May 3, 2025, is a day you should all have marked in your calendar.” 

“That’s the day we’ll meet back here, in a very similar setting, to celebrate your graduation from Peru State College. Today, we’re making a formal commitment to each other to achieve that goal of graduation.”

Borchers also offered the advice, “Come to class, ask questions, seek assistance, and be persistent.”

The event concluded with Dr. Matt Hill, Director of Choral Activities, leading students, faculty and staff through the Peru State Color Song. Afterwards, the students enjoyed lunch with faculty and staff.