Omaha, Neb. - Two Peru State alums, Fred Whitted and Skyler Johnson, were part of the historic first NSAA semifinal game officiated by an all-black crew. The crew was part of the Metro Football Officials Association.

Fred Whitted told KMTV, "The moment I put on these stripes, it was always the, 'What if, what does it look like, what it could be?' To be a part of what is now is an amazing accomplishment.'"

"If I could tell anybody anything, get into officiating, get into the rule book. Some of these players, can you imagine the knowledge base they would have if they knew the exact rules we were using to officiate?"

Skyler Johnson added, "Football, baseball — this should be in all sports. Representation matters."

Whitted also told KMTV"that he would like to start an officiating clinic to teach kids the rules of the game to help them on the field."

The complete story can be found at KMTV 3.

As founders of the Black Student Union, Whitted and Johnson are no strangers to historic representation.

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