Peru, Nebraska – Following the announcement that Diversified Foods and Seasonings would be closing its Nebraska City, Nebraska location, Peru State College will offer a one-year scholarship to Diversified’s employees, their spouses, children and dependents. The one-year scholarship is for 67% of the cost of tuition and is the equivalent of the tuition waiver offered to the families of College employees.

Dr. Dan Hanson, president of Peru State, said, “It is important to the mission of the College that we partner with southeast Nebraska. Offering a scholarship to displaced workers in Nebraska City is one more way to engage with the communities that have supported Peru State College.”

Hanson continues, “The College is dedicated to working with students. For more than 150 years, our faculty, staff and academic program have helped students build the future of Nebraska.”

Dr. Jesse Dorman, vice president of enrollment management and student affairs, adds, “The College will offer this scholarship to both new, returning and current college students. We feel this is the best way for Peru State to support the employees and families of Diversified Foods and Seasonings.”

Peru State College enjoys national recognition for its affordability. 13 majors with more than 40 options are available.

The College also offers a seamless transfer for students returning to school and a special degree, the Bachelors of Applied Science, for students with vocational degrees.

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