Dr. Bill Clemente, School of Arts and Sciences at Peru State, has received notice that two of his essays have been accepted for publication.

“Corporate Abuse and Social Inequality in RoboCop and Fido” has been accepted for publication this spring in Critical Essays on Apocalyptic Narratives in Millennial Media (McFarland P). In addition to Robo Cop (2014), this essay focuses on  Fido   (2006), a Canadian zomcom that features Billy Connely in a non-speaking role as a zombie butler named Fido.

The other article, “Zombies Along the Malecón,” will appear as part of a horror block in next edition of  The Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies.  This essay offers analysis of another zomcon, the award-winning Cuban film “Juan of the Dead”  (Juan de los Muertos, 2011) that offers a critique of Cuban politics and society, especially since Raúl Castro took the helm in 2006.