The Natural Science Bachelors Degree Program (BS, BA) consists of a core of courses to provide the students with a strong foundation for advanced study. The Biochemical Science option is designed for students planning to enroll in post-graduate (MS, PhD) or professional school (e.g., Medical or Pharmacy School) or begin a career in industrial, agricultural, or environmental chemistry.

What makes the program unique?

♦     Comprehensive curriculum emphasizing all aspects of the biological sciences.
♦     Strong organismal foundation for upper division courses.
♦     Experiential, including student-led independent investigations, mentored undergraduate research, and training in experimental biology.
♦     Field-based laboratories teach professional skills.
♦     Rural Health Opportunities Programs in Pharmacy, Nursing, Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy, Radiography, and Medical Laboratory Science.

What sets faculty apart from other colleges?

♦     Dedicated to undergraduate education and advancement of students in their field of study.
♦     Productive research programs centered on mentored undergraduate research.
♦     Extensive funding for research programs, including for student stipends, student travel, and research equipment awarded by the National Science Foundation.
♦     Excellent placement rate for students seeking graduate, veterinary, medical, or allied health degrees.


♦     Hoyt Science Building, with dedicated teaching laboratories in biology and chemistry.
♦     Faculty and student research spaces.
♦     Ready cooperative access to extensive and biologically diverse state-owned and private property for field research and teaching.
♦     Excellent equipment for microscopy, biochemical analyses, and molecular biology.
♦     On-campus daycare facility.