Programs & Courses

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Content Area Studies – To develop content area expertise teacher candidates will have a broad knowledge in the field or subject in which they choose to specialize.
  2. Pedagogical Studies – To develop pedagogical content knowledge, teacher candidates will demonstrate a repertoire of methods that make content knowledge easily understood and relevant by a variety of learners.
  3. Professional Disposition & Integrity – Teacher education candidates develop professional dispositions, character, skills and traits appropriate for the teaching profession. The candidates demonstrate professionalism, dependability, social maturity, a cooperative attitude, enthusiasm, initiative, and confidentiality, especially as it relates to student information.
  4. Professional Development – Teacher education candidates recognize what is involved in being a lifelong educator, establish their own professional identities, and effectively collaborate within the learning community.

Subject Area Endorsements

Core Content Areas

English Language Arts (5-9)
Mathematics (5-9)
Science (5-9)
Social Science (5-9)

Additional Core Content Areas

(You must have at least One Core Content Area from above to add additional Core
Content Areas)
Business, Marketing & Information Technology (BMIT) (5-9)
Health & Physical Education (5-9)

Middle Level Education Subject Endorsement (5-9)