Middle Level Education

Students attending a lecture

This program prepares an individual for an endorsement to teach: any or all students in a self-contained classroom in grades 5-9, the areas of special preparation in an integrated team planning/teaching organizational pattern, or the areas of special preparation in classrooms with other organizational patterns. The middle level endorsement prepares students to teach in a minimum of one content area chosen from language arts, mathematics, natural science, and social sciences. With middle level being some of the toughest years for children, this field is in high demand for qualified individuals.

What makes the program unique?

◆ All Teacher Education programs at Peru State College are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).
◆ Field experiences ensure ample training with area students.
◆ Teacher candidates receive training on standards and assessment throughout the Teacher Education  program.
◆ School/Student partnerships create authentic experiences engaging with students above and beyond the college classroom.

What sets faculty apart from other colleges?

◆ Faculty members are experienced practitioners in their field of education.
◆ The professors and Dean work closely with students to provide personal and individual advising guidance throughout their college career, later serving as a career reference.
◆ Faculty are readily available for assistance regarding class content and projects.


◆ Curriculum level of the College Library  houses an entire level full of resources for education majors.
◆ Education Methods classrooms are filled with hands-on materials and state-of-the-art technology.
◆ Resource room contains various materials, equipment and tools for class projects.