Writer’s Guild holds 2017-2018 Creative Writing Contest

Writer’s Guild holds 2017-2018 Creative Writing Contest

Peru, Nebrska – The Peru State College Writer’s Guild is currently holding the 2017-2018 Creative Writing Contest.  Peru State students are welcome to enter poetry, creative fiction and creative non-fiction.

Quentin Victor, president of the Writer’s Guild, writes, “As this is a contest, the winners in each category will receive Amazon Gift Cards from the Writer’s Guild. The works will be assessed by an independent judge to avoid bias.”

The Guild asks student to send no more than two entries per person per category to pscwritersguild@gmail.com.  Students may submit six submissions in total.

Each entry should be 3000 words or less.

Victor continues, “This rule is flexible, more for the sake of the length of the Journal into which the entries will be entered. We want to fit as many of your entries in as possible.”

Victor also advises that entries keep the content of the entries to a reasonable level of appropriateness, “We do not know the potential age of the journal’s readers. Also, this rule is open to interpretation, but the general rule of thumb is PG-13.”

The contest deadline is January 16th.