Peru State’s vegan dining options earn 100% satisfaction from students responding to PETA

Peru State’s vegan dining options earn 100% satisfaction from students responding to PETA

September 22, 2017, 11:00 a.m. CDT
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Peru, Nebraska– Peru State College has a 100% satisfaction rating on PETA’s Vegan College Tracker. Peru State was the only college in Nebraska with a 100% rating.

Dining Director Tony Oldfield said, “Two years ago some of our vegan students approached us and asked if we could offer more vegan-friendly meals.  I told them I would look into it and we started by occasionally offering a few vegan items.”

“Now, due to the popularity of those offerings and positive feedback, we offer a hot vegan option at both lunch and dinner.”

Vegan Report Card graphic with veggie sandwich

In addition to student reviews, PETA also awarded Peru State a B Grade because the dining hall offers at least one vegan entrée at every meal, offers nondairy milk, labels vegan entrées and partners with students to distribute vegan food.

“I was contacted about the vegan report card several months ago to describe our vegan options.  We are always trying to improve the student dining experience and we solicit feedback through many different channels,” Oldfield said.

“We were very excited when we were thanked by one of our vegan students who saw the 100% satisfaction score.”

PETA’s College Vegan Tracker writes, “We assessed and graded submissions and dining-hall menus at thousands of colleges and universities across the nation so that you can see how your current or prospective school stacks up!”

Oldfield continues, “I am excited to say we are soon going to be offering even more vegan-friendly options.  For example, we just received new soy milk and almond milk machines.”

“It’s great to receive feedback that we are indeed making a difference here on Campus and helping our students feel at home. ”

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