Sheri Grotrian-Ryan named State Advisor of the Year

Sheri Grotrian-Ryan named State Advisor of the Year

Kearney, Nebraska – Dr. Sheri Grotrian-Ryan was named the Nebraska Advisor of the Year at the 2017-2018 Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) State Leadership Conference. This is her fourth year to be recognized with that award.

Grotrian-Ryan is a Professor of Business at Peru State and has advised its PBL Chapter for 12 years. During her tenure, she has helped more than 200 students compete at the State and National level.

Her students have brought home 11 national championships since 2011.

Grotrian-Ryan writes, “I’m extremely honored to receive the Advisor of the Year award at this year’s SLC. Working with such wonderful students makes my role as advisor gratifying; without each of them, Peru State PBL wouldn’t be what it is today.”


Riley and Grotrian-Ryan are both holding the award as they shake hands.

Dr. Sheri Grotrian-Ryan receiving her award from Peru State alum and Nebraska PBL President, Scott Riley.

Nebraska PBL has shared the following from Grotrian-Ryan’s nomination: “The nominee’s devotion is the key to what makes our chapter a success.  She is constantly organizing, planning, and performing the ‘behind the scenes’ activities required for our chapter to operate.  She also really cares about all of the chapter members and is always willing to drop everything to help them.”

“All members feel comfortable approaching her not only about club items but about things going on in their personal lives.  She has a knack for developing personal relationships with club members and pushing them to better themselves every day and not only in respect to Phi Beta Lambda,” the nominator continues.

“She is accountable and passionate about guiding students to success.  She is always looking for different ways to better students’ leadership and networking skills, as well as working with them to strengthen their workable skills to make them more marketable after graduation.  She is a natural leader who is approachable, passionate and is a person who positively impacts those she meets.”

Grotrian-Ryan is holding the plaque.

Dr. Sheri Grotrian-Ryan

Grotrian-Ryan completed her Ph.D. at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her area of emphasis is Educational Leadership in Higher Education with a concentration in Human Resource Development. Her dissertation was entitled, “Mentoring Functions within the American Council on Education (ACE) Fellows Leadership Development Program: A Mixed Methods Study.”

She received an MBA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a focus in Strategic Management. Grotrian-Ryan earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Marketing & Management from Peru State College.

Grotrian-Ryan has also served as Managing Editor for Human Resource Development Review and as Production Editor for the National Council of Instructional Administrators’ (NCIA) Program Initiatives.

Grotrian-Ryan is co-director of the Children’s Health, Activity & Nutrition Community Engagement (CHANCE) Initiative. This longitudinal service-learning study partners with the non-profit 501(c)(3) Peru State Foundation, local school districts, and other community partners to provide nutrition education and extra-curricular activities for elementary-aged children in an effort to address pediatric rural obesity. The CHANCE Initiative has been funded by Youth Serve America, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Nebraska, and the Rural Futures Institute to further solidify the pre-existing partnerships between the campus and community.

Grotrian-Ryan lives in Nebraska City with her husband, Dr. Kyle Ryan, and their son.


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