Phi Epsilon Kappa workout commemorates 9/11

Phi Epsilon Kappa workout commemorates 9/11

Peru, Nebraska– Students from Phi Epsilon Kappa hosted a commemorative workout in honor of September 11.

Dr. Kyle Ryan, the faculty advisor for Phi Epsilon Kappa, said, “For many of us, there exists an America before September 11 and an America after September 11. The 9/11 commemorative workout came to be following a discussion among members of Phi Epsilon Kappa where it was pointed out that soon we will have students at Peru State College that were born after 9/11.

“Not only that, we will soon have students that have never known an America not at war. This event exists to raise awareness of that day, and also so that people never forget.”

Those who participated in the workout completed nine exercise stations, performing eleven repetitions of each exercise. Participants completed the stations twice to honor both Trade Center towers.

Phi Epsilon Student President Bailey Kuhlmann said, “I think it is important that Phi Epsilon Kappa hosts a workout in remembrance of 9/11. It is a tiny sacrifice for not only those people who lost their lives, but for their families as well. Many of us think about the people who are gone, but we also have to remember they have loved ones who are still suffering by their absence.”

Phi Epsilon Kappa is an organization at Peru State for educational and charitable purposes as a non-profit organization dedicated to advancement of those educational interest areas of Physical Education, Health, Recreation, Dance, Human Performance, Exercise Science, Sports Medicine, and Sports Management.

For more information about the 9/11 workout or Peru State’s Phi Epsilon Kappa chapter, contact Dr. Kyle Ryan at

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Ashton Peiman contributed to this release.