Peru State’s online programs nationally ranked for ROI

Peru State’s online programs nationally ranked for ROI

May 7, 2019, 5:00 p.m.
Contact: Jason Hogue, Director of Marketing and Communications, 402-872-2429

Peru, Nebraska – Peru State College was listed 16th among the Top 50 online colleges for return on investment (ROI) according to College Consensus and its analysis of data from Peru State College was the top ranked college listed in Nebraska.

Badge reads Best ROI Online Colleges 2019 College Consensus writes, “Return on investment is an important way of thinking about a college degree, especially as student loan debt goes up and the job market becomes more competitive. A degree in something you love might be its own reward, but making a living from it is a measurable real-world reward.”

College Consensus continues, “The 50 Online Colleges with the Best ROI ranking uses Payscale College ROI Report data to rank colleges offering fully online and hybrid degree programs. Payscale’s formula for ROI is relatively simple, based on a formula which takes into account the cost of the degree, and the amount of income a graduate should make over what they would have made without the degree.”

The complete list can be viewed here:

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Thomas Veleba contributed to this release.