Peru State twice named 5th most affordable online college in nation.

Peru State twice named 5th most affordable online college in nation.

July 21, 2016, 4:00 p.m. CDT
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Peru, Nebraska– named Peru State College the fifth most affordable online college in the nation for 2016. Using a different methodology, also named Peru State the fifth “best affordable” online college in 2015.

Both lists had different results outside of Peru State College’s shared ranking. cited the top 50 most affordable colleges and cited only 15 across the nation.

Dr. Dan Hanson, president of Peru State College, said, “Peru State continues to receive attention for our online programs. Both academic quality and the cost of education are important decision factors.”

“Providing the best education for the money is a key part of making Peru State a college of choice.” writes, “Peru doesn’t offer a wide variety of programs, however the school is starting small, with a focus on developing quality programs.” adds, “There are three things these best accredited online colleges have in common: incredibly low tuition, offering online programs, and regional accreditation.” addresses the concerns that students may have about online colleges including academic quality, degree options, teaching and technical support, flexibility and total cost. The site provides insight on teacher quality and hidden fees alike.

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About Peru State College: Nestled in the historic hills of the Missouri River, the “Campus of a Thousand Oaks” is Nebraska’s oldest college and will celebrate its sesquicentennial anniversary in 2017. Peru State College’s constant commitment to academic excellence has resulted in a unique and innovative mix of online, traditional, undergraduate and graduate programs. Similarly, the college’s ongoing student engagement promotes inquiry, discovery and innovation on-campus and across the region. Peru State College is committed to being a good steward of education, students, the region and Nebraska for another 150 years.