Peru State Theatre Company hosts Ghostlight Project

Peru State Theatre Company hosts Ghostlight Project

February 9, 2017 2:00 p.m. CDT
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On January 19, the Peru Theatre Company hosted the Ghostlight Project. Students gathered outside the Jindra Fine Arts building to write pledges about who they are and what they are fighting for.

Laura Lippman, the assistant professor of theatre at Peru State, sponsored the event. She said, “The Peru Theatre Company pledges to collaboratively produce work that encourages and invites brave spaces for our campus community.”

Wesley McCord, student at Peru State, said, “With the national movement, it was important for the Peru State Theatre Company to stand in solidarity and provide our own brave space.”

Lippman defined Brave Spaces as places where “it is safe to be who you are; diverse opinions are tolerated and invited; active listening and courageous exchange are fundamental values; and activism and community engagement – inside and outside of theater walls – are cultivated, encouraged and supported.”

The Peru Theatre Company also pledged to commit themselves to “challenge social norms; create an environment of compassion and acceptance; celebrate rather than tolerate our differences; dedicate ourselves to the action of kindness; eliminate apathy and promote empathy; be vigilant rather than complicit with our privilege; and strive to raise our voices rather than stay silent as we observe injustice.”

The Peru Theatre Company hosted another Ghostlight Project while they attended the KCACTF Region V Festival 49 in Des Moines.


Ashley Peiman contributed to this release.