Peru State students sought for AmeriCorps positions in Nebraska City Public Schools

Peru State students sought for AmeriCorps positions in Nebraska City Public Schools

September 6, 2017, 9:00 a.m. CDT
Contact Jason Hogue, Peru State College Marketing and Communications, 620-363-2461

Nebraska City – Peru State faculty Dr. Kyle Ryan and Dr. Sheri Grotrian-Ryan are seeking twelve Peru State undergraduate students to join AmeriCorps as part of the Children’s Health, Activity and Nutrition Community Engagement (CHANCE) Initiative. The CHANCE Initiative will provide afterschool physical education opportunities in Nebraska City elementary and middle schools.

Dr. Kyle Ryan, professor of kinesiology, said, “The structural and cultural limitations in rural areas make addressing obesity difficult at best. While many people see the rural landscape as offering unlimited opportunity for exercise, the truth is that seasonal changes make this impossible.”

The CHANCE Initiative Logo

The CHANCE Initiative Logo

“As a result, attempts at physical activity are quite limited given the number of recreation facilities and lack of transportation. The CHANCE Initiative will train Peru State students to provide afterschool programs and increase the total minutes of daily physical activity for students.”

Peru State students chosen for the program will be trained as AmeriCorps members. Training will also include obesity prevention and intervention, lesson planning using the CATCH curriculum, partnering with community organizations, civic engagement, leadership, mentoring, and career development.

Dr. Sheri Grotrian-Ryan, professor of business, said, “The CHANCE Initiative has a history of successfully implementing AmeriCorps programs to benefit local communities including Auburn and the Johnson-Brock Public Schools.”

“With engagement being a cornerstone at Peru State, this type of service-learning opportunity is paramount in allowing our students to embark on experiential learning in our local community. We are excited to see the CHANCE Initiative expand to Nebraska City Public Schools.”

AmeriCorps Logo

The AmeriCorps Logo

Ryan continues, “The CHANCE Initiative was a Rural Futures project I proposed with Dr. Grotrian-Ryan and University of Nebraska at Omaha Assistant Professor Danae Dinkel.”

Benefits of joining the CHANCE Initiative include: a living stipend; educational award; lifelong recognition as an AmeriCorps member; networking; community partnerships; local, regional and national opportunities for conference participation and presentation.