Peru State Students Attend Phi Beta Lambda Conference in New York

Peru State Students Attend Phi Beta Lambda Conference in New York

New York City- Five students from Peru State’s Phi Beta Lambda chapter visited New York last October to attend the PBL Career Connections Conference. According to, “[The] Career Connections Conference is a fast paced, high impact program focused on connecting talented individuals with leading employers.”

“This is not your average meet-and-greet, the event teaches students necessary skills to succeed in a challenging job market – interviewing techniques, personal brand building, and early career navigation. Participants also received a comprehensive resume review and a free professional head shot for use in their social profiles.”

PBL’s website continues, “In addition to workshops, students also had face time with hiring managers from PBL Partners, American Express, Dow Jones, OBM, Hyatt, IHeartMedia, Marriott, NYU, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Weework.”

The students who attended were Ashli Becker (Yankton, SD), Nancy Ramirez (Tecumseh, NE), Velma Hauck (Fremont, NE), Rozlyn Cole (Wymore, NE), and Stacy Bohlken (Palmer, NE).  They were joined by their faculty advisor, Dr. Sheri Grotrian, professor of business at Peru State.

Grotrian spoke positively about the event, “This was Peru State’s first chance to have students attend the Career Connections Conference and, from my perspective, it provides an impressive teaching opportunity based upon the content that is offered as part of the conference.”

“Additionally, students are fortunate to interact with others from across the country as well as network with some extremely impressive business professionals in New York City. Providing these engaging experiences to students is what helps to prepare them for their future career.”

(From Left to Right, Ashli Becker, Nancy Ramirez, Rozlyn Cole, Velma Hauck and Stacy Bohlken)

Along with attending the conference, the students also saw Wicked on Broadway, using funds awarded to Phi Beta Lambda by the Snyder Cultural Understanding Foundation. Supported by generous donations made by and in honor of Dr. William Snyder, the Snyder Cultural Understanding Endowed Fund provides financial support for experiential learning consisting of cultural expansion, increased societal understanding and a broadening of the Peru State College student’s personal growth. The proposed learning experience may take the form of a day trip to a major metropolitan area for exposure to cultural alternatives, the arts, or large group events, or may involve bringing such an experience to the campus of Peru State College.

Phi Beta Lambda meets every second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 11 a.m. in TJ Majors Room 326. If you are interested in learning more about PBL, contact Dr. Sheri Grotrian at


Quentin Victor contributed to this release.