Peru State Offering Digital Diplomas

Peru State Offering Digital Diplomas

September 6, 2019
Contact: Jason Hogue, Director of Marketing and Communications, 402-872-2429

Peru, Nebraska – Peru State College is now offering digital diplomas through Digital diplomas are available to all May and August 2019 graduates.

Deann Bayne, director of student records, says, “The key motivation behind digital diplomas is to empower and enable students to share their accomplishments and achievements with friends, family and potential employers through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or other social media in a way that is secure, verifiable and efficient.”

“The digital diploma provides portability and the instant gratification of getting their diplomas right away. Students can quickly share their credentials with potential employers through LinkedIn, making it easier for Peru State College graduates to compete for jobs. We believe this is one more advantage for Peru State College graduates in a competitive job market.” states that, “Digital credentials are the tools for the future, and Parchment is leading the way. Our online diplomas are delighting students and helping them find success – whether that’s getting the job of their dreams or heading to grad school.”

Parchment believes credentials matter. Providing a convenient platform to help institutions and individuals securely send and receive credentials, such as transcripts and diplomas, online has established Parchment as the leader in eTranscript exchange. Since 2003, 30 million credentials have been exchanged between Parchment’s member network of senders and receivers. This network, reaching 25% secondary and 20% postsecondary schools in the U.S., is the gateway to turning credentials into opportunities.

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Thomas Veleba contributed to this release.