Peru State awards degrees to 426

May 10, 2016, 2:00 p.m., CDT
Contact Jason Hogue, Peru State, College Marketing and, Communications, 402.872.2429

Peru, Nebraska-
Peru State College and its President, Dr. Dan Hanson, under the authority of the Nebraska State College System granted degrees to 426 graduates on Saturday, May 7. More than 2500 people attended the ceremony in the Al Wheeler Athletic Center.

Peru State granted 98 Master of Science in Education degrees, 16 Master of Science in Organizational Management degrees, six Bachelor of Arts degrees, 259 Bachelor of Science degrees and 47 Bachelor of Applied Science degrees.

In his remarks to the graduating class, Hanson referred back to the Distinguished Speaker Series guest, best-selling author and MSNBC Anchor, Wes Moore. Hanson advised graduates to follow Moore’s advice by identifying their beliefs and then fighting for their convictions with passion and persistence.

Hanson continued, “A degree is only worthwhile if it is used to benefit others; it does not matter if it only benefits you. Choose to use your degree to build a better community, a better country and a better world. Serve often and serve well.”


Jason Adelung, Curriculum and Instruction, Lutherville, MD
Valerie Adelung, Curriculum and Instruction, Lutherville, MD
Megan Albers, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Mitchell Albers, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Ariana Augustinas, Curriculum and Instruction, Spokane, WA
Jordan Barjenbruch, Curriculum and Instruction, Seward, NE
Paige Baumert, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Lisa Beeson, Curriculum and Instruction, Lincoln, NE
Kelly Benne, Curriculum and Instruction, Bellevue, NE
Laura Bloss, Curriculum and Instruction, Pawnee, City, NE
Kayla Book, Curriculum and Instruction, Bennington, NE
Caitlin Bos, Curriculum and Instruction, McCook, NE
Renee Broesch, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Aaron Brooker, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Craig Brown, Curriculum and Instruction, Maplewood, MN
Rebecca, Campbell, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Niki Caughey, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Tyler Cerveny, Curriculum and Instruction, Gretna, NE
Carli Cramer, Curriculum and Instruction, Youngstown, OH
Lauren Day, Curriculum and Instruction, Gaithersburg, MD
Amber Drake, Curriculum and Instruction, Cook, NE
Elton Edmond, Curriculum and Instruction, Lincoln, NE
Carolyn Enevoldsen, Curriculum and Instruction, Lincoln, NE
Ashley Fanciullo, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Kara Farmer, Curriculum and Instruction, Fredericksburg, VA
Christina Feddema, Curriculum and Instruction, Broomfield, CO
Katie Fischer, Curriculum and Instruction, Lincoln, NE
Leah Fleischman, Curriculum and Instruction, Overton, NE
Kelly Fleming, Curriculum and Instruction, Galesburg, IL
Satarah Funk, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Kathie Garabrandt, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Darin Garfield, Curriculum and Instruction, Central, City, NE
Kathie Gaston, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Amanda Gehrke, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Risa Gilbert, Curriculum and Instruction, Baileyville, KS
Diana Gille, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Sena Hayes, Curriculum and Instruction, Nebraska, City, NE
Matthew Hicks, Curriculum and Instruction, Frederick, CO
Denise Hoag, Curriculum and Instruction, Council Bluffs, IA
Donette Hoobler, Curriculum and Instruction, Horton, KS
Carrie Ingwerson, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Leah Janssen, Curriculum and Instruction, Rushville, NE
Sarah Johnson, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Austin Katt, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Kimberly Kepler, Curriculum and Instruction, Golden, CO
Judy Kirk, Curriculum and Instruction, Glenwood, IA
Robert Klug, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Laura Krallman, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Adam Krecklow, Curriculum and Instruction, Syracuse, NE
Carie Kuberski, Curriculum and Instruction, Wataga, IL
Wendy Langer, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Cindy Larson, Curriculum and Instruction, Elkhorn, NE
Natasha Ludwig-Page, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Carly Minge, Curriculum and Instruction, Odell, NE
Brittney Moody, Curriculum and Instruction, Lyons, NE
Dustin Moore, Curriculum and Instruction, Gretna, NE
Amanda Morgan, Curriculum and Instruction, Beatrice, NE
Kimberly Nesvik, Curriculum and Instruction, Coin, IA
Martha Oliva, Curriculum and Instruction, Lafayette, CO
Crystal Olson, Curriculum and Instruction, Bellevue, NE
Shannon Otterson, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Jason Padilla, Curriculum and Instruction, Brooklyn, NY
Anna Panakhyo, Curriculum and Instruction, Longmont, CO
Tessa Parrish, Curriculum and Instruction, Friend, NE
Jennifer Pequegnat, Curriculum and Instruction, Los Gatos, CA
Laurie Peterson, Curriculum and Instruction, Grand Island, NE
Roy Prauner, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Deborah Ragone, Curriculum and Instruction, Bellevue, NE
Chase Rasby, Curriculum and Instruction, Louisville, NE
Kimberly Remmenga, Curriculum and Instruction, Lincoln, NE
Molly Reuland, Curriculum and Instruction, Crete, NE
Gary Richards, Curriculum and Instruction, York, NE
Kathleen Robertson, Curriculum and Instruction, Columbus, NE
Deanne Ruggles, Curriculum and Instruction, Indianola, NE
Emily Saathoff, Curriculum and Instruction, Nebraska, City, NE
Kharisa Salberg, Curriculum and Instruction, Sterling, NE
Amanda Sauer, Curriculum and Instruction, Olathe, KS
Jeffrey Schiebur, Curriculum and Instruction, Wymore, NE
Breanna Scholl, Curriculum and Instruction, Falls, City, NE
David Schumacher, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Courtney Scott, Curriculum and Instruction, Odell, NE
Caitlin Shafer, Curriculum and Instruction, Shubert, NE
Kate Sherwin, Curriculum and Instruction, Union, NE
Hannah Simpson, Curriculum and Instruction, Diller, NE
Amy Simpson, Curriculum and Instruction, Fairbury, NE
Marla Smith, Curriculum and Instruction, Plattsmouth, NE
Kaitlin Sorenson, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Theodore Stessman, V., Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Danielle Stewart, Curriculum and Instruction, Louisville, NE
Brian Sulzman, Curriculum and Instruction, Omaha, NE
Shanda Turley, Curriculum and Instruction, Elkhorn, NE
Joseph Unternahrer, Curriculum and Instruction, Tarkio, MO
Debra Vahle, Curriculum and Instruction, Grand Island, NE
Sarah Volker, Curriculum and Instruction, Humboldt, NE
Darcy Weldon, Curriculum and Instruction, Humboldt, NE
Tracey Younker, Curriculum and Instruction, Plattsmouth, NE
Jessica Zelfel, Curriculum and Instruction, Kennard, NE
Hui Zeng, Curriculum and Instruction, Tulsa, OK

Kelly Allsman, Entrepreneurial and Economic Development, Lincoln, NE
Akile Banister, Entrepreneurial and Economic Development, Omaha, NE
Diane Caldwell, Entrepreneurial and Economic Development, Katy, TX
Kimberly Carder, Entrepreneurial and Economic Development, Troy, IL
Rebecca Eberly, Entrepreneurial and Economic Development, Sioux, City, IA
Carl Forshey, Entrepreneurial and Economic Development, Kansas, City, MO
Carmen Henggeler, Entrepreneurial and Economic Development, Rock Port, MO
Elaine Horn, Entrepreneurial and Economic Development, Shubert, NE
Caitlyn Lesan, Entrepreneurial and Economic Development, Creston, IA
Patrick Marlatt, Entrepreneurial and Economic Development, Beatrice, NE
Wayne Pantini, Entrepreneurial and Economic Development, Creston, IA
Kylyn Rush, Entrepreneurial and Economic Development, Tabor, IA
Kellie Slater, Entrepreneurial and Economic Development, Bellingham, WA
Jonathan Stanton, Entrepreneurial and Economic Development, Bellevue, NE
Heather Sullivan, Entrepreneurial and Economic Development, Lincoln, NE
Cheri Venditte, Entrepreneurial and Economic Development, Elkhorn, NE

Leonard Browne, Liberal Arts, Plano, TX
Grace, Cole, Liberal Arts, Scribner, NE
Brandon McGruder, Liberal Arts, Omaha, NE
Nathan Shaffer, History Education, Auburn, NE
Martha Shoemaker, Liberal Arts, Pheonix, City, AL
Frank Wolff, History; Social Science, Blair, NE

Danyelle Achenbach, Management; Marketing, Macedonia, IA
Bryan Adams, Wildlife Ecology, Lincoln, NE
Julianne Adinolfi, Accounting, North Wales, PA
Skylar Albers, Special Education M/MD K-12, Omaha, NE
Mary Alcala, Psychology, Pawnee, City, NE
Joshua Alonzo, Management, Riverside, CA
Akpedje Amoussou, Management, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Laura Andersen, Elementary Education, Plattsmouth, NE
Millie Anderson, Management; Marketing, Elmwood, NE
Tawny Anderson, Social Science, Lincoln, NE
Guenevere Arthur, Biochemical Science, Hickman, NE
Tyler Audsley, Criminal Justice/Justice Counseling, Prescott Valley, AZ
Jamie Aue, Accounting, Auburn, NE
Adau Ayaj, Criminal Justice/Justice Administration, Lincoln, NE
Irina Badger, Accounting, New Brighton, PA
Jehan Balliet, Psychology, Lincoln, NE
Tracy Barbur, Psychology, Geneva, NE
Kelsee Barenklau, Special Education M/MD K-12, Papillion, NE
Alan Barnes, Biology Education, Murdock, NE
Austin Barth, Psychology, Hampton, NE
Susan Bartman, Special Education M/MD K-12, Nebraska, City, NE
Jacob Beck, Wildlife Ecology, Blair, NE
Theodor Beckert, Middle Grades Education, North East, MD
Nathan Bianchi, Special Education M/MD K-12, Hiawatha, KS
Renita Blackwell, Criminal Justice/Law and Society, Papillion, NE
Lisa Blecha, Elementary Education, Hickman, NE
Julie Blunck, Accounting, South Ogden, UT
Lesley Boan, Psychology, Rockwell, NC
Brittney Bock, Elementary Education; Early, Childhood Education, Lincoln, NE
Nathan Bohy, Criminal Justice/Justice Administration, Laveen, AZ
Courtney Boos, Language Arts, Julian, NE
Carlie Boswell, Psychology, La Vista, NE
Chelsea Brandl, Psychology, Lincoln, NE
Ethan Bray, Sport and Exercise Science, Lamar, MO
Kimberley Brewer, Elementary Education, Lincoln, NE
Jasmine Brill, Psychology, Lincoln, NE
Keri Brogren, Accounting, Winside, NE
Charles Brosemer, Jr., Accounting, Parma, OH
Emily Brown, Elementary Education; Special Education M/MD K-12, Plattsmouth, NE
James Brown, Psychology, Sanford, NC
Kacey Brown, Elementary Education, Omaha, NE
Dillon Bruggeman, Criminal Justice/Justice Administration, Lincoln, NE
Courtney Bryant, Criminal Justice/Justice Counseling, Lincoln, NE
Jay Bryant, Biochemical Science, Plattsmouth, NE
Allie Buesing, Sport and Exercise Science, Cozad, NE
Kourtney Burianek, Biological Science, Pleasant Dale, NE
Briar Burr, Sports Management and Exercise Science, Wood River, NE
Sarah Busche, Psychology, Papillion, NE
Sara Buss, Management, Beatrice, NE
Mattie Cahoy, Criminal Justice/Justice Counseling, Nebraska, City, NE
Dallas Cain, II, Management, Homer, NE
Theodore Camastra, III, Criminal Justice/Justice Administration, Lawrence, NJ
June Campbell, Accounting, Grand Island, NE
Kathryn Carlson, Criminal Justice/Justice Counseling, Norfolk, NE
Megan Carroll, Elementary Education, Crete, NE
Joshua Cedeño, Criminal Justice/Justice Administration, Miami, FL
Robert Chab Sport, Management, and Exercise Science Omaha, NE
Taylor Christensen, Sport and Exercise Science, Phoenix, AZ
LaVonna Cline, Psychology, Lincoln, NE
Cody Closner, Criminal Justice/Justice Administration, Waverly, NE
Nina Coburn, Management; Marketing Beatrice, NE
Nancy Cohn, Accounting, Lincoln, NE
Eric Collins, Criminal Justice/Justice Administration, Leawood, KS
Desiree Como Marketing Milford, NE
Gregory Conry, Elementary Education, Harlan, IA
Leslie Cushman-Melville Marketing San Francisco, CA
Taylor Dankleff, Early Childhood Education Unified, Unadilla, NE
Kayla Davis, Early Childhood Education Unified, Fairbury, NE
Janessa Davis, Criminal Justice/Justice Administration, Omaha, NE
Jacob Dean, Biochemical Science, Auburn, NE
Cora DeMike, Elementary Education, Weeping Water, NE
Sarah Deutsch, Psychology, Beatrice, NE
Aubrey DeZarn, Social Science, Las Vegas, NV
Jaimie Digby, Psychology, Plattsmouth, NE
Christopher Donahoo, Criminal Justice/Law and Society, Udell, IA
Alexandria Donovan, Management, Geneva, NE
Katie Doran, Fine Arts, Plattsmouth, NE
Brenda Dougherty, Accounting, Lincoln, NE
Tracie Dunavin, Management, Eagle, NE
Devin Edds, Psychology, Farragut, IA
Michelle Ellis, Fine Arts, Omaha, NE
Darrick Emery, Management, Lincoln, NE
Kathrynn Evans, Accounting, Independence, MO
Brian Farley, Criminal Justice/Justice Counseling, Omaha, NE
Matheus Fernandes, Management, Orlando, FL
Tanis Fichter, Accounting, Pacific Junction, IA
Zayra Flores Acevedo, Music Marketing, Nebraska, City, NE
Chelsea Ford, Special Education M/MD K-12, Lincoln, NE
Hunter Franzen, Management, Superior, NE
Kari Fritz, Accounting, Falls, City, NE
Garrison Gamm, Marketing, Hebron, KY
Dustin Gerdes, Computer / Management Information Systems, Auburn, NE
Nicholas Girard, Biochemical Science, Peru, NE
Kadyn Glass, Criminal Justice/Justice Administration, Redlands, CA
Allison Glathar, Health and Physical Education, K-12 Dawson, NE
William Gleason, Music Marketing, Lincoln, NE
Nicholas Gollin, Wildlife Ecology, Firth, NE
Camden Grasmick, Sport and Exercise Science, Gurley, NE
Jarvis Green, Sport and Exercise Science, Lincoln, NE
Heather Greer, Criminal Justice/Justice Counseling, Independence, MO
Laura Griffin, Psychology, Brooklyn, NY
Carlina Grove, Criminal Justice/Justice Counseling; Psychology, Otoe, NE
Brent Gyhra, Biochemical Science, Pawnee, City, NE
Brian Hand, History Education, Lincoln, NE
Heather Heble, Early Childhood Education Inclusive, Auburn, NE
Elise Heng, Social Science, Education Nebraska, City, NE
Lauren Heng, Management, Nebraska, City, NE
Shana Herigon, Management, Mansfield, TX
Jazmin Hernandez, Criminal Justice/Justice Counseling; Psychology, Lincoln, NE
Shelbie Hess, Biochemical Science, Phoenix, AZ
Kaylin Hobza, Wildlife Ecology, Omaha, NE
Chondra Hope, Psychology, Avoca, IA
Mallory Hull, Early Childhood Education Unified, Morse Bluff, NE
Taneesha Hunter, Criminal Justice/Justice Counseling; Psychology, Talmage, NE
Jared Hyland Health and Physical Education K-12 Omaha, NE
Melissa Jasso Marketing San Diego, CA
Laura Johns Music K-12 Education Tecumseh, NE
Megan Johnson, Management, Tecumseh, NE
Shelby Johnson, English, Yutan, NE
Dwight Jones, Elementary Education, Ravenna, NE
Chelsea Jones, Educational Studies, Nebraska, City, NE
Kellie Jones, Criminal Justice/Justice Administration, Red Oak, IA
Jonah Jordening, Computer/ Management Information Systems Beatrice, NE
Courtney Jurek, Elementary Education; Early Childhood Education, Omaha, NE
Hailey Kaderabek, Criminal Justice/Justice Counseling; Psychology, Daykin, NE
Morgan Keegan, Management, Omaha, NE
Jacob Kelley, Sport and Exercise Science, Broken Arrow, OK
Patrick King, Elementary Education, Glenwood, IA
Alexis Kirby, Marketing, Auburn, NE
Jared Kleine, Marketing, Beatrice, NE
Kory Klover, Criminal Justice/Justice Counseling, Hebron, NE
Brandon Koch, Educational Studies, Lincoln, NE
Jessica Kohout, Psychology, Clatonia, NE
Christopher Kuhlmann, Management, Alva, FL
Shaunah Kuhlmann, Criminal Justice/Justice Administration; Criminal Justice/Justice Counseling, Alva, FL
Yevgeniy Kulev, Accounting, Federal Way, WA
Recia Lahodny, Management, Steele City, NE
Chloe Langford, Early Childhood Education Unified; Special Education M/MD K-12, Bellevue, NE
Alexis LaPour, Biochemical Science, Lincoln, NE
Madara Laure, Marketing, Riga, Latvia
Trista Lefler, Psychology, Cedar Rapids, IA
Brian Lemerond, Health and Physical Education K-12, Falls, City, NE
Shannon Liewer, Biochemical Science, Imperial, NE
Levi Likens, Health and Physical Education K-12, Nemaha, NE
Sarah Ludlow, Special Education M/MD K-12, Bellevue, NE
Charles Lutz, Management, Redlands, CA
Brianna Madrid, Biochemical Science, Glendale, AZ
Keenan Mancho, Psychology, Stockton, CA
Jeremy Mason, Psychology, Ennis, TX
Megan Massey, Accounting, Robinson, KS
Amanda May, Psychology, Lincoln, NE
Kyle McAndrews, Biological Science; Wildlife Ecology, Omaha, NE
Brian McDonough, Marketing, Lincoln, NE
Sean McGary, Management, Omaha, NE
Kelsey McGill, Community Music and Private Studio, Waverly, NE
Mariah Mellage, Biochemical Science, Auburn, NE
Theresa Messman, Sport and Exercise Science, Arnold, MO
Paige Meyer, Criminal Justice/Justice Counseling; Psychology, Beatrice, NE
Linda Miller, Psychology, Lincoln, NE
Nikhil Mirdha, Biochemical Science, Peru, NE
Alison Moeller, Special Education M/MD K-12, Geneva, NE
Joni Monroe, Criminal Justice/Justice Administration, VanBuren, AR
Kyle Monte De Ramos, Criminal Justice/Justice Administration, Papillion, NE
Kristin Morehead, Criminal Justice/Justice Administration, Falls, City, NE
Kelly Morris, Elementary Education; History Education, Fairfax, MO
Eric Morrison-Smith, Management, San Diego, CA
Amber Musil, Sport and Exercise Science, Lincoln, NE
Lindsey Nelson, Elementary Education, Granite Bay, CA
Makala Nerz, Early Childhood Education Unified, Omaha, NE
Sarah Newell, Criminal Justice/Justice Counseling; Psychology, Omaha, NE
Crystal Nombrano, Psychology, Abilene, TX
Holly Norris, Psychology, Beatrice, NE
Bailey Nutter, Sport and Exercise Science, Panama, NE
Kate Nutzman, Elementary Education, Nehawka, NE
Darla Orender, Early Childhood Education Unified, Schuyler, NE
Trenton Ostransky, Elementary Education, Fullerton, NE
Coty Otten, Computer/Management Information Systems, Norfolk, NE
Martin Owen, Computer/Management Information Systems, North Platte, NE
Logan Paben, Middle Grades Education, Columbus, NE
Raymond Partee, Criminal Justice/Justice Counseling, Norfolk, NE
Skyler Petersen, Music Marketing, York, NE
Stephanie Petersen, Criminal Justice/Justice Counseling, Stanton, NE
Kirsten Peterson, Wildlife Ecology, Lincoln, NE
Tracy Phillips, Management, Seward, NE
Brett Pierce, Health and Physical Education K-12, St. Joseph, MO
Seth Pinnow, Criminal Justice/Justice Administration, Lincoln, NE
Cody Piotrowski, Criminal Justice/Justice Administration, Mihawaka, IN
Melissa Pollard, Art Education; Fine Arts, Houston, TX
Stephanie Polson, Criminal Justice/Justice Administration; Psychology, Beatrice, NE
Amanda Powell, Elementary Education, Dawson, NE
Jennifer Powers, Management, Dallas, GA
Cristal Quin᷉onez, Criminal Justice/Justice Counseling, Anthony, NM
Monica Rains, Early Childhood Education Unified, Great Falls, MT
Whitni Redman, Biochemical Science, Holyoke, CO
Delaney Rees, Early Childhood Education Unified, Liberty, NE
Michael Reilly, Elementary Education, Omaha, NE
Lilian Rewerts, Accounting, History Leavenworth, KS
Aaron Rice, Music K-12 Education, Genoa, NE
Derreon Richardson, Sport and Exercise Science, St. Louis, MO
Ema Rickman, English, Nebraska, City, NE
Jonathan Robertson, Accounting, Tarkio, MO
Alyssa Rodriguez, Psychology, El, Centro, CA
Heidi Rose, Marketing, Kearney, NE
Jeremy Rudder, Music Performance, Peru, NE
Jerry Saab, Jr., Special Education M/MD K-12, Omaha, NE
Felicia Schlicker, Psychology, Lincoln, NE
Michaela Schroeder, Early Childhood Education Unified, Fairbury, NE
Andrew Schutte, Psychology, Auburn, NE
Brian Sealock, Accounting, Underwood, IA
Clara Shaw, Psychology, Gering, NE
Jiekun (Jack) Shi, Accounting, Computer/ Management, Information Systems Lincoln, NE
Sheldon Shires History Education Peru, NE
Roxanne Shires, English, Peru, NE
Dean Shissler, Social Science, Nebraska, City, NE
Jordan Silva, Sport and Exercise Science, Lynnwood, WA
Katlynn Simonton, Natural Science Education Omaha, NE
Brian Simpson, Accounting, Beatrice, NE
Judy Simpson, Computer/ Management Information Systems Murray, NE
Susan Sisco, Fine Arts, Burchard, NE
JoAnn Sisley, Computer/ Management Information Systems Omaha, NE
Leslie Skirvin, Psychology, New Albany, IN
Keith Smith, Social Science Education,,,, Bellevue, NE
Michael Smith, II, Psychology, Kansas, City, MO
Sarah Smith, Marketing, Wetmore, KS
Lacie Snyder, Psychology, Syracuse, NE
Janet Sobczyk, Special Education M/MD K-12, Omaha, NE
Isaiah Spears, Psychology, Joliet, IL
Brett Sporleder, Management, Bridgewater, IA
Shannon Stafford, Psychology, Allen, TX
Alfredo Stout, Psychology, Alice, TX
Karlee Stuart, Mathematics Education, Las Animas, CO
Christie Stubbert, Accounting, Columbus, NE
Kaitlin Suchting, Early Childhood Education Unified, Red Oak, IA
Jordon Sukup, Elementary Education, Sidney, NE
Brandon Sweet, Elementary Education, Clarinda, IA
April Taggs, Criminal Justice/Justice Counseling, Harlan, IA
Stacy Taylor, Computer/ Management, Information Systems, Stanton, IA
Andrew Tucker, Psychology, Phoenix, AZ
Jaymi Victor, Graphic Design, Nebraska, City, NE
Lisa Vigdal, Accounting, West Plains, MO
Darlene Villalta, Criminal Justice/Justice Administration, Greenbelt, MD
Amanda Volksen, Elementary Education; Early Childhood Education Omaha, NE
Robert Wagar, Psychology, Beatrice, NE
Carie Walles, Elementary Education, Omaha, NE
Tai’Ler Warren, Sport and Exercise Science, Omaha, NE
Nichole Waterman, Psychology, Atlantic, IA
Chasidy Wederquist, Special Education M/MD K-12, Glenwood, IA
Rachael West, Sport and Exercise Science, El Dorado, KS
Nita Whitney, Fine Arts; Graphic Design Auburn, NE
Christian Wiebold, Accounting, Shenandoah, IA
Nakaisha Wiegert, Biochemical Science, Wausa, NE
Jordan Williams, Community Music and Private Studio, Longwood, FL
Kerri Wilson, Elementary Education, Auburn, NE
Alison Winkelbauer, Early Childhood Education Unified, Lincoln, NE
Brenda Wray, Criminal Justice/Justice Counseling, Lincoln, NE
Timothy Wright, Computer/ Management Information Systems, Auburn, NE
Caitlin Wuebbels, Sport and Exercise Science, Murrieta, CA
Taylor Zillig, Health and Physical Education K-12, Lincoln, NE
Zachary Zobel, Computer/Management Information Systems; Management, Ashland, NE

Miste Adamson, Management, Lincoln, NE
Natasha Amys, Management, Omaha, NE
Debra Baker, Management, Arlington, TX
Chad Battershaw, Management, Dallas, TX
Hannah Bell, Management, Beatrice, NE
Rylie Bowser, Management, Holton, KS
Troy, Chatham, Management, Omaha, NE
Tyler, Cherin, Management, Seattle, WA
Tina Darrow, Management, Streator, IL
Waylon DeLong, Management, Milford, NE
Michael Dorzweiler, Management, Omaha, NE
Michael Dougherty, Management, Falls, City, NE
Rachel Duckett, Management, Lincoln, NE
Robert Fouts, Management, Missouri Valley, IA
Barbara Frank, Management, Lincoln, NE
Kimberly Garcia, Management, Palacios, TX
Timothy Gevedon, Management, Dayton, OH
Jamie Gustafson, Management, Polk, NE
Kyle Henry, Management, Omaha, NE
Jason Holman, Management, Nebraska, City, NE
Jennifer Johnson, Management, Lincoln, NE
Jeremiah Keenan, Management, Easton, MD
Stephanie Koester, Management, Coralville, IA
Emma Lundeen, Management, Harrisonburg, VA
Michael Matya, Management, Papillion, NE
Mark McKelvy, Management, Omaha, NE
Jessica Merrill, Management, Murray, NE
Alisha Meyer, Management, Beatrice, NE
Amber Moody, Management, Odell, NE
Nathaniel Moore, Management, Friend, NE
Elizabeth Nielsen, Management, North Platte, NE
Alexis Ohrstrom, Management, Meridian, ID
Janet Olson, Management, Hiawatha, KS
Mark Orth, Management, Papillion, NE
Jeremiah Penn, Management, Columbus, NE
Justin Preister, Management, Cornlea, NE
Kevin Rhinehart, Management, Lincoln, NE
Timothy Riley, Management, Omaha, NE
Cassandra Schmit, Management, Helena, MT
Matthew Shaw, Management, York, NE
Stephanie Sherwin, Management, Syracuse, NE
Corday Sims, Management, Chicago, IL
Alysann Soifua, Management, West Point, UT
Jason Sparks, Management, Front Royal, VA
Elizabeth Stevens, Management, Washington, DC
Seth Vance, Management, Manhattan, KS
Kelsey Weber, Management, Lincoln, NE


For more information, visit or, Call 1-800-742-4412.

About Peru State, College: Nestled in the historic hills of the Missouri River, the “Campus of a Thousand Oaks” is Nebraska’s oldest, College and will, Celebrate its sesquicentennial anniversary in 2017. Peru State, College’s, Constant, Commitment to academic excellence has resulted in a unique and innovative mix of online, traditional, undergraduate and graduate programs. Similarly, the, College’s ongoing student engagement promotes inquiry, discovery and innovation on-campus and across the region. Peru State, College is, Committed to being a good steward of education, students, the region and Nebraska for another 150 years.