Peru State joins community to clean up

Peru State joins community to clean up

Peru, Nebraska – More than 90 Peru State students and staff joined a city-wide clean up on April 27. The group collected more than 100 pickup loads of trash, litter and other items.

Peru State College, the Peru Community Impact Group and the City of Peru partnered together for this year’s citywide cleanup.  Members of these groups and other community members supplied cookies, coffee and other baked goods to fuel the morning’s volunteers.

Peru State students also helped with cleanup projects in Stella and Brownville.

The golf players are standing in downtown Peru.

Emily Whipple (Lincoln) and Taylor Finke (Battle Creek, Nebraska) pose before beginning the clean-up event.


The women are holding the flower pots.

Peru State cheerleaders preparing to hang flower pots: Brittany Fitzler (Omaha), Velma Hauck (Fremont, Nebraska), Destiny Maguire (Greenwood, Nebraska), and Nyakan Timbek (Omaha).


The men are throwing large items into the dumpster.

Victor Hubbard (Corinth, Texas) and Deondrea Mayo (Ocala, Florida) unload trash in a dumpster behind campus.


Alex is holding litter and a trash bag.

Alex Kenney (Milford, Nebraska) stops for the camera as she picks up litter in town.

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