Peru State among top ten Most Affordable Online Colleges in nation

Peru State among top ten Most Affordable Online Colleges in nation

September 27, 2017, 1:00 p.m. CDT
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Peru, Nebraska – CollegeChoice.Net has ranked Peru State College the eighth Most Affordable Online College in the nation for 2017. Peru State College was the top ranked college in Nebraska.

CollegeChoice.Net writes, “Peru State College is one of the cheapest online colleges on this list. This school is perfect for working professionals who need a flexible degree program that fits into their life.”

“This school is accredited by THLC [The Higher Learning Commission].”

The beginning of the College Choice’s methodology reads, “Based on the 84 percent increase in income that college graduates get over high school grads, it’s probably safe to say that the high cost of college is still worth it in the long run.

“But for anyone wondering how they’re going to pay for college in the meantime, it’s certainly worthwhile thinking through alternatives to the “traditional college experience”—freshman dorms, packed lecture halls, and competition for scarce classes.”

“That’s where online education comes in. Not only will you avoid the inconveniences listed above, but you’re also likely to save a lot of money on your education if you opt online,” College Choice continues.

“Further, the flexibility of online learning allows you to get a degree while holding down a job, which will further offset the blow to your bank account.”

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Answering their own question about what are the most affordable online colleges, College Choice, writes, “Finding the most affordable colleges isn’t as simple as you might think. Looking up tuition rates is one thing, but in terms of college cost, tuition isn’t the end of the story. Most schools tack on additional mandatory fees, which we’ve included in calculating total cost.”

“Further, we haven’t included just any online colleges. Our list is limited to schools with regional accreditation, which is the highest form of accreditation available to a college. So, while this is a list of the Most Affordable Online Colleges, it only includes institutions that have been recognized as offering a quality learning experience for their students. We wouldn’t want anything less for you.”

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