Peru State and Johnson-Brock Elementary collaborate on Social Studies Fair

Peru State and Johnson-Brock Elementary collaborate on Social Studies Fair

Johnson, Nebraska – Sixth grade students at Johnson–Brock Elementary School participated in a Social Studies Fair on Tuesday, October 23, 2018. The Fair is an annual event involving the students from Education 326, Social Studies Methods, taught by Dr. Anthony Citrin at Peru State College.

Peru State College Social Studies Methods students work with individual elementary students for approximately a seven week period prior to the Fair.  A part of the preparation for the Fair includes bringing, Johnson–Brock students to the Peru State library for a research experience. As part of this field trip, each student receives a Peru State library card.

This year’s event involved twenty-six sixth-grade students and seventeen Peru State College students. Peru State College has been offering these Fairs through the School of Education for about thirty years.

A reception for parents and students was also held at 6:30 in the evening and included an awards ceremony at 7:00. The prizes included first, second, third and fourth place trophies, plus silver medals for best oral and best visual presentations.

Chloe Vice won Best Visual Presentation. Caleb Ruosh was awarded Best Oral Presentation.

Christopher Melvin took first place and Kolbi Davis was second. Bristan Blech took third place and Brooklyn Buchmeier was fourth.


The students are standing in the foyer of Johnson-Brock Elementary School.

Best Visual Presentation, Chloe Vice; Fourth Place, Brooklyn Buchmeier ; Third Place, Bristan Blecha; Second Place, Kolbi Davis; First Place, Christopher Melvin. Missing from the picture is Caleb Roush, Best Oral Presentation.

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