Mole Day brings chemistry magic to campus

Mole Day brings chemistry magic to campus

Peru, Nebraska – Chemistry faculty and students from Peru State College put on their annual Mole Day magic show on October 25.

Mole Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated among chemistry enthusiasts on October 23, between 6:02 am and 6:02 pm. The day commemorates Avogadro’s Number (6.02 x 1023), a basic measuring unit in chemistry.

Student Dylan George opened the celebration dressed as a mole before students and teachers conducted several chemistry created “magic tricks.” This included turning a normal fire green and using a trash can to blast plastic cups off of audience member’s heads.

Dr. Dennis Welsh, one of the school’s chemistry professors, remarked on the crowd, saying, “We had the largest attendance in the 16 years of moles day, the input of the students is always the highlight of the show.”

Attendants of the school’s magic show also munched on different mole themed foods throughout the performance, such as mole-asses cookies, car-mole-corn and taco-mole sauce.

Sarah Budz, a pre-nursing and criminal justice major, who performed one of the magic tricks, commented on the experience, “I think Mole Day is a great way to get the campus and community together and learn about chemistry in a fun and exciting way. Some people are intimidated by chemistry, but Mole Day makes it fun for everyone!”

The trick features four wine glasses filled with a chemical solution.

Dr. Nathan Netzer (left) and Dr. Dennis Welsh (right) perform a magic trick.

Marks and Budz are wearing traditional safety goggles, while George kneels in front of them with drawn on whiskers and safety goggles modified to resemble eyes.

Sophie Marks (left), Sarah Budz (right), and Dylan George (front) prepare for the opening of the Mole Day celebration.

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Alexa Cline contributed to this release.