Homecoming Building Decoration Awards are announced

Homecoming Building Decoration Awards are announced

Peru, Nebraska – The awards for Peru State College’s annual Homecoming Building Decoration Awards were announced late last week. This year’s theme was “Roadtrip” and each building took on a different location to celebrate.

The sidewalk is fenced in by a trail of miniature American flags.

The Administrative building decorated to resemble Washington D.C.

Mayors Award: Team work! – AV Larson for California and Hollywood

  • Collaboration between students and staff

Nailed the Theme: Spot On! – Morgan Hall for Florida and Disney World

  • Creatively expressed theme, “Road Trip” and building destination

True Blue: Abundance of Peru Blue! – CATS for Colorado skiing

  • Most amount of Peru Blue used in decoration

Bobcat Best:  Bobcat Pride – Campus Services for Lousiana’s Mardi Gras

  • Most liked overall by judges

High Five: Shout Out! – Delzell Hall for San Diego Zoo

  • Good effort

Founder’s:  The Early Years – We Remember! – Student Center for Nebraska

  • Tying in history of Peru State College

The Oak Award: Mighty Good! – Jindra Fine Arts for Broadway

  • Met expectations of theme and destination

The Acorn Award:  Going Places! – Administration Building for Washington D.C.

  • Met expectations of destination

Grand Marshall Award: Royalty Loyalty! – Hoyt Science Building for the Georgia Aquarium

  • Best liked by student judges

Roadie: Life is a Highway! – Library for Texas

  • Incorporated most road, signs, travel decorations

Caution: Cats at Work! – Al Wheeler Activity Center for Hawaii

  • Superb construction work

Picture Perfect: Say Cheese! – TJ Majors for Las Vegas

  • Most likely to be a photo opportunity, most interactive for audience
In a Vegas styled sign, T.J. Majors proudly says "Welcome to fabulous Peru State College"

T.J. Majors celebrated the roadtrip theme by taking visitors on a journey to Las Vegas.

The committee in charge of the annual contest included Jari Dunecacke, Elaine Hanson, Crystal Hutson, Brenda Lutz and Todda Wren.

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Alexa Cline contributed to this press release.