Four new minors approved at Peru State College

Four new minors approved at Peru State College

June 10, 2016, 3:30 p.m. CDT
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Peru, Nebraska- On Friday, June 10, the Nebraska State College System approved four new minors for students attending Peru State College. The four minors are Drug and Alcohol Counseling; Organizational Leadership and Global Issues; Organizational Leadership and Management; and Theater.

Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Tim Borchers, said, “These new minors will provide opportunities for students to broaden their education and prepare them for a variety of professional experiences.”

The minor in Drug and Alcohol Counseling includes a set of seven existing social work courses housed within the School of Professional Studies as a minor in the Psychology area and Criminal Justice Counseling area. Peru State College is one of only three educational institutions with a pre-approved licensed drug-and-alcohol-counseling curriculum as authorized by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services in 2014. Faculty spent a considerable amount of time and effort in applying for and receiving authorization, thus providing students an immediate opportunity upon graduation to apply for the PLDAC licensure.

The minor in Organizational Leadership and Global Issues will be housed within the School of Professional Studies as a minor in the Business Administration degree program. Peru State faculty proposed the addition by citing the importance of students having an understanding of global issues and leadership. In 2012 PSC specifically revised the general education requirements to create a higher level of understanding of Global Issues among students, faculty, staff and the campus community. Due to the global aspect of business and leadership in a variety of organizations, many which operate from Southeast Nebraska, it was decided to create an interdisciplinary minor in Leadership and Global Issues among the Professional Studies, Arts and Sciences and Education Schools at PSC. There is consistent demand from both on-campus and online students for minors that provide students from all disciplines academic understanding of leadership and global issues.

The minor in Organizational Leadership and Management will be housed within the School of Professional Studies as a minor in the Business Administration degree program. The Business Administration faculty and campus community realize the need for well- trained students who understand key leadership and management issues facing organizations in Southeast Nebraska, regionally and nationally. There is a call from private and public enterprises for employees with and understanding and training in leadership and management issues facing organizations. Students routinely have requested a minor or major in leadership, and this is satisfies their request for a minor.

The theatre proposal takes courses that are regularly offered in Speech and English to create a Theatre Minor. This proposal gives students the opportunity to gain the skills needed to participate actively in Theatre in the twenty-first century, including performance, design and technical aspects of the current theatrical landscape. In addition, adding the minor will help to strengthen our growing theater activity on campus, which greatly enhances the culture of Southeast Nebraska, which has no other collegiate or professional theater companies.


Scene from Frankenstein'd

Scene from Frankenstein’d



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