Distinguished Speaker Series brings Nebraska speaker to campus, Aaron Davis

Distinguished Speaker Series brings Nebraska speaker to campus, Aaron Davis


Peru, Nebraska- Aaron Davis, former University of Nebraska National Champion football player, spoke at Peru State College on Tuesday as part of the Distinguished Speaker Series. His presentation was titled, “Attitude of a Champion”.

According to his website, “Aaron Davis is a thought leader and expert in the area of attitude and how it impacts every area your professional and personal life. He equips audiences with tips, tools and techniques on how to utilize the power of a Champion Attitude to reach their full potential.”

Before his talk, Davis came into the crowd to give high-fives and speak with students. Throughout his talk, Davis interacted with the crowd and spoke directly with some audience members.

Davis with Peru State students.

Davis (center) with Peru State students, JaMartae Brown (left) and Dan Boshart.

Davis began his talk with, “I am the warning, not the example.” During tough times in his life, he did not always handle his emotions well, and he shared his experiences with students.

Davis centered the presentation around how to finish, or accomplish goals, like a champion. He used an acronym with the word F.I.N.I.S.H.:

• Focus – Focus on the present and the goals you want to achieve.
• Inside job – Your goals should be for you, and make you feel good on the inside.
• Next play – Keep moving on to the next play, no matter how many times you get hit.
• Insane – Always have an insane desire to perform as best as you can.
• Stop blaming, stop complaining – You can’t always control the situation, but you can control your actions, so stop blaming others and complaining.
• Honor – Honor those who have helped you achieve your goals.

Aaron Davis next to the Distinguished Speaker Series Banner.

Aaron Davis next to the Distinguished Speaker Series Banner.

Davis also advised students to figure out their “whys,” or what inspires them to keep moving toward their goals. On his PowerPoint, Davis had photos of his kids, and he spoke about how his kids were his “whys.”

Visit aarondavis.co for more information about Aaron Davis.

As part of the sesquicentennial celebration, the 2017-2018 Distinguished Speaker Series will feature speakers with roots in Nebraska. The next scheduled speaker is astronaut Clayton Anderson on November 29.  His 7 p.m. speech is free and open to the public.

Peru State established the Distinguished Speaker Series in 2010 as part of a commitment to student engagement and success. The intent of the Series is to bring diverse, nationally and internationally recognized speakers to southeast Nebraska to enrich the educational experience of students while also providing regional communities more opportunities to engage in interesting and relevant topics.


Ashley Peiman contributed to this release.

Note: aarondavis.co is the correct address. It is not a .com address.