Dennis works on Brownville Historical Society Archival Project

Dennis works on Brownville Historical Society Archival Project

Brownville, Nebraska- Bailey Dennis worked last summer on an archival project and as a docent for the Brownville Historical Society . In June she began working at Brownville’s Railroad Museum, but by the end of the summer she would have the opportunity to work at all of the Historical Society’s museums.

Dennis received the job after a recommendation from Dr. Kathi Nehls, professor of history at Peru State, who had started as a board member of the historical society in the spring.

Nehls is working to establish a partnership between the Brownville Historical Society and the College. She hopes it will eventually lead to more opportunities for student internships and paid docent positions.

Dennis adds, “With my past experience visiting the Nebraska State Historical Society, I understand there is a proper procedure for handling antique documents so I was ready to learn more about what exactly an archivist does.”

“Dr. Nehls and I worked together on identifying, collecting and organizing the archival materials. This is still an ongoing project that will help people visiting the Historical Society to do research for projects or genealogy. The project also hopes to digitize archival material for online access.”

In addition to Dennis’s work with the archives, she also worked as a docent.

Dennis said, “I loved being a museum docent and speaking to community members – and people from all around the United States.”

“I would give tours to visitors and tell the story of Brownville and Nebraska history. It was wonderful. Working for the Historical Society was my first job at a museum and it was a great first experience.”

“Working with Dr. Nehls on this project and as a museum docent opened my eyes to what I want to do in the future. I would love to work in a museum.”

BHS Board President Steve Woerth said, “I have nothing but praises for [Dennis’s] work and energy.”

Bailey Dennis is from Omaha, Nebraska, and graduated in December. She intends to continue assisting the archival project and plans to pursue a master’s degree in public history.

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Quentin Victor contributed to this release.