Danny Hayes appointed Chair of National ACJA-LAE Scholarship Committee

Danny Hayes appointed Chair of National ACJA-LAE Scholarship Committee

May 29, 2019
Contact: Jason Hogue, Director of Marketing and Communications, 402-872-2429

Peru, Nebraska – Danny Hayes, Instructor of Criminal Justice at Peru State College, was appointed Chair of the Scholarship Committee for the American Criminal Justice Association/Lambda Alpha Epsilon (ACJA/LAE). He was also appointed to serve on the national organization’s Communications Committee and the Conference Manual Revision Committee.

Hayes continues to serve as the Vice President of Region 3. Region 3 includes Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, North and South Dakota, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming and Utah. He has held this position for four years.

Hayes says his duties as VP are, “To fill in for the President should there be an absence and to perform duties as assigned. I am responsible for assisting the president in their duties and maintaining contact with the regional chapters including assisting any new chapters with getting started as needed.”

Dr. Greg Galardi, associate professor of business, said that having a faculty member connected like Hayes to the national organization is instrumental for the students to stay informed and learn about opportunities.

Hayes is photographed on campus.

Danny Hayes

The Scholarship Committee sets standards and rules for competition and determination of the scholarship winners. As chair, Hayes will distribute the applications and determine the winners based on the members’ recommendations. Hayes has been a part of the Scholarship and Communications committees for a few years.

The Communications Committee assists the Regional Presidents to maintain contact with the chapters in their regions by offering assistance to low membership and inactive chapters. They help Regional Officers promote, foster, and encourage communication with colleges and universities within their regions who do not have active chapters, encouraging them to join ACJA/LAE.

Hayes was also appointed to his first term on the Conference Manual Revision Committee. The ACJA/LAE holds a national conference and competition every year.

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Thomas Veleba contributed to this release.