Bittner and Kingsley publish picture book.

Bittner and Kingsley publish picture book.

July 22, 2019
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Lincoln, NE – Peru State faculty, Dr. Gina Bittner and Dr. Kelly Kingsley, have published their picture book, How Rudy the Rooster Got His Voice, with Handersen Publishing this summer. Bittner is the author and Kingsley is the illustrator.


The cover of How Rudy the Rooster Got His Voice featuring the silhouette of a rooster (presumably Rudy), trees and a tractor.

The cover of How Rudy the Rooster Got His Voice

How Rudy the Rooster Got His Voice is a book about a rooster who does not sound like the other roosters on the farm. Rudy ends up discovering his voice by working hard everyday and asking other animals on the farm to help him. Along the road, he discovers that it is okay to be different and that you should embrace the way you are. 

 Living on a farm outside of Dawson, Nebraska, Dr. Bittner was able to take a real story from one of her roosters and spin it into a story for her very first children’s book. 

“Rudy would crow All. The. Time. – literally all night and all day. It was as if that little rooster was trying to find his voice,” Bittner said. “Eventually his crow started to sound like a rooster, but it was always just a little off.” 

When asked about the process of illustrating the book, Dr. Kingsley said, “I loved the collaboration with Dr. Bittner. It was a fun process. I learned a lot about creating a storyboard and working with a publisher that I am applying to the book I am working on now which is an ABC book entitled F is for Football.” 

 When she was asked by Dr. Bittner to illustrate her story, she jumped at the chance. She has always wanted to try her hand at illustrating. For How Rudy the Rooster Got His Voice, Kingsley used watercolor pencils to control the depth of colors and shading for each of the characters. 

Handersen Publishing is a family-owned, independent press focused on creating engaging books for young readers. Handersen works with authors and illustrators on four continents. Since the company started in 2016 in Lincoln, Nebraska, seven of their books have won national awards. 

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Thomas Veleba contributed to this release.