Admissions updates application for admission

Admissions updates application for admission

September 13, 2019
Contact: Jason Hogue, Director of Marketing and Communications, 402-872-2429

Peru, Nebraska – Following admission of its largest freshman class in at least 30 years, Peru State College has updated its application for admission to make it simpler and more effective for students to use. The application was designed in collaboration with the Nebraska Student Information System (NeSIS).

Director of Admissions, Cindy Cammack, notes “I’m excited for the new application due to its responsive format. As students enter the application and answer questions, they are directed to the questions tailored to the type of applicant they are.”

Tailoring questions to student type decreases the time students spend completing the application and also the checking in and processing of the application for the Admissions Office.

Cammack concludes, “Our goal is to make the application process simple and user friendly for the students.”

Assistant Director of Admissions, Jari Dunekacke adds, “Working with NeSIS to build the application, and collaborating with my counterparts at Wayne State and Chadron State as they go through the same process, has proven to be a successful combination.”

“I’m pleased with how it has all come together and I hope the users of the application will appreciate it as much as we will when we receive it.”

One of the changes in the process is that students will now create their own credentials to login to the application. A student will be assigned an NUID only after the application is completed. Previously, students would be sent their already determined NUID via email causing some students confusion. This new method will help ease the misunderstanding. 

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Thomas Veleba contributed to this release.