Governor Ricketts reappoints Dr. Darolyn Seay to Nebraska Professional Practice Commission

Governor Ricketts reappoints Dr. Darolyn Seay to Nebraska Professional Practice Commission

Lincoln, Nebraska – Governor Pete Ricketts has reappointed Dr. Darolyn Seay to her second of two possible terms on the Nebraska Professional Practice Commission (NPPC).  The Commission has chosen her to be Chair-Elect in the coming year.

According to the Commission’s website, “The goal of the NPPC is to develop, promote and enforce standards of professionalism for Nebraska educators.”

“Congratulations to Dr. Seay on her reappointment. Her service to the educators of Nebraska helps ensure that Nebraska’s teachers are held to high professional standards as they shape and mold the next generation of Nebraskans in the classroom,” adds the Governor’s spokesman, Taylor Gage.

Seay writes, “I am honored not only to accept my reappointment for a second term, but to also serve as Chair-Elect.”

“This position means a lot to me, allowing me to be more actively involved in upholding the Nebraska standards for teachers. The commitment teachers have made to protect, and provide students with the best education possible is taken very seriously.”

Seay is an Assistant Professor in the School of Education at Peru State College. Her teaching responsibilities include professional and collaborative practices; principles and practicum; and teaching science in elementary and middle school.

The Governor appoints twelve Commission members. They are to be representative of elementary and secondary classroom teachers, school administrators, and higher education. The appointments are to be for three years. No member may serve more than two consecutive terms.

Dr. Seay received a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a master’s degree in Education – Guidance and Counseling from the University of Central Oklahoma before earning a Doctorate in Curriculum and Teaching from Northcentral University. Dr. Seay’s research continues to focus on teacher dispositions, and the need for remediation when assessing these dispositions.

Dr. Darolyn Seay

Dr. Darolyn Seay


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