Natilie Williams speaks on campus to student leaders.

Natilie Williams speaks on campus to student leaders.

Peru, Nebraska – Student Organization Leadership Development (SOLD) hosted Natilie Williams on campus to speak about college success and student leadership.  Williams’ presentation to Peru State’s student leaders included hands-on group work writing goals.

Williams told the group, “You are 42% more likely to accomplish a goal if you write it down.”

Natilie Williams speaking to the SOLD group.

Natilie Williams speaking to the SOLD group.

Crystal Hutson, Peru State’s Student Activities Coordinator, shared with students, “Natalie Williams is not only a professional speaker, corporate business analyst and college instructor, but also a proud south-side Chicagoan that values student leadership.”

Williams’ website, adds, “At 20 years old, she received her bachelor’s degree and at 22 years old, she received a Master of Arts in Intercultural Communication. She received both degrees without any student loan debt! She currently travels the nation to inspire students to push through their circumstances and achieve their wildest dreams.”

SOLD is a monthly presentation series that focuses on the development of student organization leaders at Peru State College. The series focuses on a different topic each month and targets students involved in PSC Student Organizations, however is open to any interested student. Topics addressed include: retention and retaining members, marketing your organization, effective leadership, collaborating and building community and transitioning leadership, just to name a few.

Williams’ thesis at Illinois State landed her a guest appearance on the Steve Harvey show. The thesis focused on the relationships of characters in the television series, A Different World, and how those relationships set in a historically black college continue to be important to conversations about attending college.

Williams’ appearance coincided with a reunion of the Different World cast.

The Chicago Tribune quotes Williams, “I remember watching that show and telling (my mother) about it and that I was going to go to Hillman. And she would look at me and say, ‘Hillman isn’t real, but yes, you’re going to go to college.'”

The Tribune continues, “Williams, who attended Central Michigan University, told Harvey, ‘I saw the relationships that they had with each other. And so when I went away to college, I found those exact same positive relationships.'”

Natilie Williams posing at the entrance to the Peru State campus.

Natilie Williams posing at the entrance to the Peru State campus. Williams posted this photo to Twitter.



Ethan Arnold contributed to this release.