Peru State teacher-candidates certified in archery instruction

Peru State teacher-candidates certified in archery instruction

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March 6, 2019, 8:00 a.m. CST
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Peru, Nebraska– A group of nine Peru State students received their National Archery in the Schools Program Education (NASPE) Instructor certification on Monday, February 25.

Every spring, Dr. Frank Lynott, teaches the HPER 418 National Activity Certifications course. Lynott is an Assistant Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation at Peru State and has been an Instructor Trainer with National Archery in the Schools Program Education (NASPE) since 2006.

Students in the HPER 418 course become certified as archery, fly fishing and Red Cross instructors. For their archery certification last week, students performed a practical lesson and took a written test.

“When I first developed and proposed this class, I was nervous,” Lynott said. “After all, who has ever heard of a class that would certify students as archery, fly fishing and Red Cross instructors? However, with the support of the administration, faculty and staff, this course has become a great success.”

She has the arrow nocked and the bow pulled back.

Hannah Sexton (Sedalia, Colorado) lines up her shot.

Hannah Sexton writes, “It was really fun to learn how to teach archery! I never got the experience to do it in high school, so having Dr. Lynott teach us how to shoot as well was a great experience. I hope I get the opportunity to teach it to my students someday!”

Lynott said, “This class is unique to Peru State College and students who have taken it have reported that they appreciate the unique skills they leave the class with.”

“Teaching this class for me is a rewarding experience for several reasons,” Lynott adds, “One, I get to introduce some activities that I find enjoyable and therapeutic to others. Two, students have reported that the certifications from this class have helped them to get jobs.”

Multiple students participate in the archery certification.

Ashton Peiman (Lincoln, NE) and Steven Wilkie (Bellevue, NE).

“And last but not least, every Spring I get to experience the joy students experience as they learn skills they may have never even considered before. It is a true joy for me.”

For more information about the HPER 418 course or the physical education major at Peru State, contact Dr. Frank Lynott at

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Ashton Peiman contributed to this release.