ImPERUving as oNE Group writes mission and vision statement

ImPERUving as oNE Group writes mission and vision statement

February 13, 9:00 a.m. CDT
Contact Jason Hogue, Peru State College Marketing and Communications, 402.872.2429

Peru, Nebraska – The group collaborating under “ImPERUving as oNE” has written a mission and vision statement. The mission and vision statements were released ahead of planned committee work and were shaped by a robust community survey, focus groups and a November town hall.

The new mission statement reads, “To work together to promote a unified and vibrant community by connecting people, ideas and resources to achieve the best future for the City of Peru and Peru State College.”

The vision statement adds, “Peru will be a welcoming, thriving and engaged community with exceptional amenities that attract people to live, work, visit and learn.”

There are now five planning teams meeting regularly to pursue the work of the group. They are listed here with their conveners:

  • Infrastructure – Darrin Reeves & Jason Jones
  • Housing – Tim & Cindy Hoffman
  • Relationships & Communication – Vanessa Sherman & Jason Jones
  • Economic/Business Development – Dan Hanson, Christopher Nwafor, Justin Douglas
  • Attraction & Retention – Becca Jewell & Sara Granfors

Anyone interested in serving on these committees should visit or call Amy Mincer at Peru State College, (402) 872-2239. Results from the survey, focus groups and town hall meeting are also posted on the website.

ImPERUving as oNE includes City of Peru officials, Peru State College officials, city residents and business owners. The group began meeting over the summer with the goals of identifying ways the community can move toward positive change and better understand Peru’s unique characteristics, community assets and potential opportunities.

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