Mathematics Challenge

30th Annual Peru State College Regional Math Challenge —
On-Campus Event March 15, 2024

Peru State college is proud to host the 30th annual mathematics challenge. This contest was started by area high school mathematics instructors to foster and develop mathematics education in southeast Nebraska. Many schools in the area have hosted the competition in the past and this year the contest will be hosted by Peru State College and Alpha Mu Omega, the PSC Mathematics Club. 

Participating schools will be divided into three divisions (large to small) based on enrollment figures for the school. Awards for best team score and best individual scores will be awarded at the end of the competition. 

Registration Form

General Information

Each school is allowed to enter a team of three students in each of the four subject areas (Geometry, Algebra, Precalculus and Calculus). Students should be enrolled in the class related to the subject level test for which they are registered.

Students are tested in three ways in this competition.  The first is a forty-question multiple choice individual exam in the subject for which they registered.  The second test is a team exam where the students answer open-ended questions in mathematics.  The third testing session is a quiz bowl against other students in your subject area.

The team members in each subject will compete individually and as a team with their group score and their scores from the individual test. Awards will be given in each division and subject for the three top individual scores on the written tests and the top team score (individual tests + team test) in each division and subject.

The Quiz Bowl will involve teams by subject level from all participating schools. Award certificates will be presented to the quiz bowl finalists.  Participating schools are asked to run the quiz bowl while the early exams are graded and scored by the Mathematics Club at Peru State College, Alpha Mu Omega.

Calculators are not allowed on individual tests but are expected to be used in the group exam.  Any ACT-approved calculator is allowed on the group exam.

The entry fee for all three teams (Geometry, Algebra, and Precalculus) is $50 per school ($55 with a Calculus team) payable to PSC Math Club and this should be included with the registration form, or mailed in separately if you utilize the online registration tool.  Participants and sponsors should bring a sack lunch or plan on eating at the Peru State cafeteria. Please indicate the number of people eating at the Student Center so that the cafeteria can be notified.

PSC Math Club 
Laura McCauley
600 Hoyt Street
Peru, NE 68421

Deadline for registration is March 8, 2024.

For additional information contact Dr. Laura McCauley (faculty sponsor for PSC Mathematics Club).