teacher lecturing a math class

The Mathematics Bachelors Degree Program at Peru State College has two options, a mathematics option and a Mathematics Education option. Both programs consist of a strong core to provide a foundation for more advanced courses and a set of additional courses that prepare the student for the education field, for advanced study in graduate school, or to begin a career in industry.

What makes the program unique?

  •  Comprehensive curriculum emphasizing introducing mathematics students to both applied mathematics as well as mathematical theory.
  • Instructional format permitting students personal and extended contact with faculty and individualized guidance throughout all coursework.
  • The mathematics program is reviewed on a continual basis and the curriculum is updated to meet industry standards.
  • We introduce students to new mathematics technologies including computer algebra systems (Geometers Sketchpad, Desmos, maxima, octave, R, …) and mathematical typesetting tools (Word, LaTeX, …).
  • Opportunities to provide tutoring to other students on campus.

What sets faculty apart from other colleges?

  • A faculty that is dedicated to undergraduate education and advancement of students in mathematics.
  • Participate in research seminar with students so that students can apply and advance their studies in mathematics.
  • Excellent placement rate for students seeking education positions and graduate degrees.


  • Classrooms and laboratories to provide instruction using a wide range of media.
  • Excellent equipment for homework and research.
  • On-campus daycare facility.