MINOR: Marketing


Course No. Title Hours
BUS 328 Principles of Marketing 3
BUS 329 Integrated Marketing Communications 3
BUS 347 Consumer Behavior 3
BUS 348 Retail Management & Merchandising 3
BUS 350 Professional Selling 3
BUS 355 E-Marketing 3
CMIS 410 Web Page Development & Programming 3
    Minor Total 21


Course Descriptions:

BUS 328 | Principles of Marketing (3 credit hours)
Students learn the buying, selling, transporting, and storing functions involved in marketing, with an introduction to retailing, wholesaling, and marketing management.

BUS 329 | Integrated Marketing Communications (3 credit hours)
Students examine the elements of integrated marketing communications including advertising, direct marketing, social media, personal branding, personal selling, sales promotion, and public relations/publicity, focusing on the blending of the elements into a total enterprise marketing communications program.
Prerequisite Required: BUS 328

BUS 347 | Consumer Behavior (3 credit hours)
This course presents the principles of consumer behavior in the areas of motivation, perception, learning, attitude change, information processing, life-style, demographics, social class, reference groups, opinion leaders and diffusion, family and culture, and shopping environments.
Prerequisite Required: BUS 328 

BUS 348 | Retail Management and Merchandising (3 credit hours)
This course presents the principles of retailing including strategies, merchandise management, store operations, evaluation and control, financial strategies, human resources management, buying and selling, information systems, promotions, and inventory control.
Prerequisite Required: BUS 328 

BUS 350 | Professional Selling (3 credit hours)
Students focus on the skills and techniques used in selling and persuasion. The course helps students learn to sell products and ideas through a study of proven techniques used by successful salespeople.
Prerequisite Required: BUS 328 

BUS 355 | E-Marketing (3 credit hours)
Overview of different types of internet business, internet marketing, global e-commerce, consumer issues, business-to-business internet marketing, online selling strategies, legal and ethical issues. Today's social media like YouTube, Facebook, Blogs, and Twitter are the new customer-centric methods to reach and collaborate with customers in building relationships, and in marketing ideas using digital media. The course explores new media, online selling strategies, Web Analytics and Internet-based business marketing techniques.
Prerequisite Required: BUS 328 

CMIS 410 |Web Page Development and Programming (3 credit hours)
This course facilitates the development of skills in designing complex web sites. Current issues and design trends are considered as well as the fundamentals of web servers and browsers, and HTML and XHTML. Client side and server side programming and database connectivity over a web-based connection are explored. Web security and evaluation procedures for websites are covered.
General Studies Outcome: Technology & Its Application