What is my library login?

Your library login for all library resources except the Library Catalog is the same as your “MyPSC” login. MyPSC is what you use to register for classes and view your class schedule.

What is my login for the Library Catalog?

To create a login for the Library Catalog, you first must register your PSC ID to be used as your library card. If you don’t have a PSC ID, the library can provide you with a generic library card.

After you have a library account, your login will be your name and your NUID. If you don’t have a NUID, please contact the library and we will setup your password.

How do I access the library's resources and eBooks from off-campus?

There are two ways to access the library’s online resources. You use a search box or select the hyperlinked title of any resource. You will be prompted for your library login before the resource opens. Your library login is the same as your MyPSC login information.

You will remain logged into the library until you close your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox).

How do I download an eBook?

Downloading an eBook depends on the provider.

Instructions for ProQuest eBook Central

Instructions for EBSCO eBooks

How do I connect to the campus wireless, Go Blue?

Use the first part of your campus.peru.edu email before the @ sign (e.g. John.Doe12345@campus.peru.edu would use John.Doe12345 for username). The password is your NUID.

You may also create a temporary guest login. Use the link below the login boxes to register for one.

For further assistance, contact Computer Services at 402-872-2270 or at ComputerServices@peru.edu.

How do I access my PSC email?
How do I log into Blackboard or MyPSC?

Go to the webpage for common logging in issues for step-by-step help.

Why isn't a link to an article in a library database working?

If you are off-campus, you must add https://peru.idm.oclc.org/login?url= in front of the URL for the article. This directs the link to go through the library’s password protection system. Once it is added to the URL, you will be prompted to log into the library and then the article will open.

How do I know MyPSC login?

Go to Common Issues: Logging In for step-by-step instructions on setting up your MyPSC.

Contact Computer Services at 402-872-2270 or at ComputerServices@peru.edu for further assistance.

What is my NUID?

Go to Common Issues: What is my NUID? for step-by-step instructions on finding your NUID.

Contact the Peru State Admissions at 402-872-2221 or at Admissions@peru.edu for further assistance.