How do I know what to search?

Start with a research guide on the library’s homepage. Each guide lists databases for articles, books, eBooks, etc. that are relevant to that subject. If your topic doesn’t seem to fit with any of the subjects, try the general topics guide.

How do I find books and articles?
  • Articles – Use the “Everything” search box or the “Article” search option on the library’s homepage to search all databases except LexisNexis and ProQuest. To search them, use their direct links. More databases are listed under Articles (Databases). General databases such as Academic Search Complete are great places to start for all topics. Use a subject specific database if your topic relates to that subject.
  • Books & eBooks – Use the “Book & eBooks” search box on the library’s homepage or the Library Catalog. Since we share our catalog with Wayne State College and Chadron State College, you can also search their collections.
How do I find a journal article?

To find scholarly journal articles, check the limit results box for “Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals”, “Peer reviewed”, or “Scholarly journals” when you search. You will retrieve only journal articles.

How do I access the library's resources off-campus?

There are two ways to access the library’s online resources. You may use a search box or select the hyperlinked title of any resource. You will be prompted for your library login before the resource opens. Your library login is the same as your myPSC login.

How do I log in to my library account in the Library Catalog?

Enter your name and your NUID. You will need to register your PSC ID with the library before your library account will work.

How do I get materials that the PSC Library doesn't have?

If you are searching the Library Catalog and want to use a physical item owned by Wayne State College or Chadron State College, click on the link to “Request” the item. You will enter your full name and your NUID to login; you will need to register for a library card before you have a login for the Library Catalog. You will be notified when the item arrives at the library and is ready for pick up.

Because of contract agreements, eBooks cannot be shared between libraries.

For other items, you will request the item through interlibrary loan. See Request Items (Interlibrary Loan) for more information.

How do I check out and renew library materials?

To check out, bring the materials to the front desk with your library card/PSC ID. Books check out for 3 weeks; DVDs and CDs for 1 week.  DVDs and reserved items accrue a fine of $.25-$1.00 per day (or hour) depending on their checkout length.

To renew, contact the library or log into your library account through the Library Catalog. To access your library account, you will need to enter your full name and your NUID.

All library materials may be checked out except journals, magazines, and newspapers (bound or unbound) and reference books.

How do I return library materials?

Materials may be returned inside at the front desk or outside at the dropbox beside the back entrance to the library from the parking lot.

How do I get materials that my professor says are on Reserve?

Reserve materials are behind the front desk. Provide the professor’s name and the title of the reserve material you wish to use. The material will be checked out to you. The check out time is determined by your professor.

How do I check out a laptop or other equipment?

Bring your PSC ID to the front desk. You will be asked to filled out an agreement. The laptop or equipment will be checked out to you for a determined check out period.

How do I print or make copies in the library?

All the library computers print to either the printer in the computer lab or the one in the print area beside the front desk. A copier is also available in the print area; copies are $.05 per page.

How do I connect to the campus wireless, Go Blue?

Use the first part of your email before the @ sign (e.g. would use John.Doe12345 for username). The password is your NUID.

You may also create a temporary guest login. Use the link below the login boxes to register for one.

For further assistance, contact Computer Services at (402) 872-2270 or at

How do I access my PSC email?
How do I log into Blackboard or MyPSC?

Go to the webpage for common logging in issues for step-by-step help.

How do I reserve a library study room?

The four library study rooms (2 on the main floor and 2 on the curriculum level) are available on a first come, first served basis. The study rooms have viewing and listening equipment if you need to watch a DVD or VHS or listen to a CD.

How do I use a library locker?

Library lockers are available for PSC student only for daily use in the DVD/Video collection area on the main floor. Students must provide their own locks and must be removed at the end of the day.

How do I get a job at the library?

If you have federal work study, contact the Financial Aid office. If you don’t have Federal Work Study, stop at the front desk for an application. Applications will be considered as an opening needs to be filled.