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Veronica Meier, Library Director

Susan Abrahams, Library Technician

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The Peru State College Library supports intellectual growth by providing resources, technology, services and an environment that facilitates the development of information literacy skills and meets the research needs of our patrons.

The Peru State College Library strives to enrich the learning and college experience through the promotion of inquiry, discovery, engagement, and innovation while serving the College community and our surrounding communities.

Diversity: We maintain a climate of openness for all traditions, cultures, and scholarship.

Innovation: We develop innovative services to benefit our patrons and to anticipate future needs.

Integrity: We create an environment of honesty and empathy.

Life-long Learning: We encourage the development of information literacy and critical thinking skills to prepare patrons for a life of learning.

Quality Service: We strive to provide the best quality service possible to all our patrons.

Patron-Centered: We value our patrons and strive to create an environment, physical and virtual, that engages them.

Privacy: We protect each patron's right to privacy and confidentiality.

To serve our patrons with the best quality service.

To teach information literacy skills for the development of critical thinking and for the promotion of life-long learning.

To build relationships beyond the library, and to collaborate with the College community to advance the services and resources of the Library.

To develop services that meet the current and future needs of our patrons.

To provide resources that support the academic programs and research of the College.

To create an environment, physical and virtual, that fosters the pursuit of knowledge and that encourages the interaction of our patrons.

To preserve and facilitate the use of special collections relevant to the history and mission of the College.