Dr. Ryan, Professor

There has never been a more exciting time to pursue a career in kinesiology as a path in this field opens up a myriad of different opportunities.

Whatever your intended profession, one thing is clear; the U.S. needs students like you to enhance the health and well-being of the general public. From an increasing elderly population to a larger number of obese youth, there is no shortage of careers from which you can choose.

What makes the program unique?

  • Kinesiology includes an array of disciplines such as exercise physiology, strength & conditioning, biomechanics, health and wellness, nutrition, neuromechanics and much more.
  • Our program provides marketable skills and knowledge, preparation for advancement on the job, and a strong foundation for graduate study.
  • The capstone project allows each student to apply the concepts of kinesiology and simulate many aspects related to careers in this area.
  • A culminating internship program is completed in kinesiology during the student’s senior year.

What sets faculty apart from other colleges?

  • Faculty members are experienced practitioners in their field.
  • The professors and Dean work closely with students to provide personal and individual advising guidance throughout their college career, later serving as a career reference.


  • A Human Performance Lab provides state of the art metabolic testing, body composition analysis, EMG/ECG function, as well as anaerobic and aerobic program design.
  • The Fitness Center in the Al Wheeler Activity Center provides opportunities for engaging, hands-on practice of techniques.



“When choosing a college to transfer to I made the decision to attend Peru State College because of an athletic scholarship for volleyball. When I applied, however, I still had reservations about a degree choice that best suited me. Following my first course load, and the one-on-one help, I knew I had made an excellent decision. Never did I imagine this path I chose would be so life changing. My experiences and lifelong friendships at Peru State will never be forgotten. I will also be eternally grateful for the knowledge I obtained with the help of my professors and opportunities they supplied for me. Few college students get to have the relationships with their professors like the ones provided at this college. I will always call Peru State family as well as my home away from home. I can never thank my professors and coaches enough for the impact they have had on me.”

Rachael West (’15) -  


“As I began my college career at Peru State College, I never would have imagined the opportunities and knowledge the Kinesiology program provided me. Dr. Kyle Ryan mentored and encouraged me to think critically, increase and develop my understanding of health and wellness, and learn by engaging with the community and campus. At Peru I was able to continue my passion for childhood obesity by being an AmeriCorp Scholar and leading the CHANCE (Children's, Health, Activities, and Nutrition Community Engagement) Initiative. With the help of Dr. Kyle Ryan I was encouraged to apply for a Grant through Youth Serve America that included a training trip to Washington D.C. and an opportunity to meet Senator Mike Johanns. As a member of Phi Epsilon Kappa I developed and served as co-leader of Women’s Only Weights, a program designed to enhance and educate women faculty, staff, students, and community members’ knowledge of weight training. I currently work as the Wellness Coordinator at Southeast Community College. I have brought my experience, passion, and dedication I developed through Peru to my current career. I aspire to develop, expand, and excel the wellness program at Southeast Community College. I would not have the passion, knowledge and experience that I have today without my 4 years at Peru State College in the Kinesiology program.”

Allie Buesing ('15) -  


" I really don’t know where I’d be without Peru State College. I was striking out on institutions that fit me well but the third one turned out to be a charm. Peru State offered coursework in the field of Exercise Science that was engaging, challenging, and thought provoking to the point way beyond my expectations. It offered opportunities for certifications, internships, and volunteer work that helped me build a competitive resume on par with what any large university could help produce . Not only did I graduate from this college with a degree, I graduated with an even greater passion for my field of study . This created a drive in me to pursue even higher education, which led me to the University of Nebraska at Omaha where I earned a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology. Now, I am proud to hold the title of Cardiac Exercise Physiologist at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha Nebraska where I use my degrees to help people of all ages. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t find Peru . I’ll forever be grateful for my opportunity at this little college that had a huge impact on my future. "

Caleb Ross ('15) -  


"Even years after my time at Peru State College, I look back and remember the lessons taught to me by the entire staff. Dr. Ryan, in particular, had a profound effect on my professional development, as well as my personal growth. Dr. Ryan was an excellent professor and mentor. Not only did he actively engage students in his lectures, but he took the extra effort to meet with each individual student as much as they needed. He never wanted students to just retain information for a test; he wanted to ensure that students learned and could put what they learned into action rather than just regurgitate text. His classes were challenging, but being an active teacher is what made him stand out, in my mind. What I learned has helped me to this day, as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at Morehead State University, and helped immensely as I went through graduate school at Lindenwood University."

Anthony Bland ('12) -  


“I chose Peru State College for the opportunity to play college football and their small faculty to student ratio. This allowed to me experience the top item Peru State has to offer, their community. Faculty and staff knew who I was and were able to groom me to the man I am today. The professors provided any additional help I needed, including social and emotional support on top of education. The Peru community provided a great opportunity to meet friends that I will have for life. I continue to recommend Peru State as I believe it provides the best bang for your buck for any college. My belief that it is not where you take classes, but how you utilize the opportunity to learn. With my experiences, Peru State does this the best! Following my undergraduate degree at Peru State, I obtained my master’s at the University of Akron and completed the didactics program at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. I went on to complete my dietetics internships through the University of Houston and now am an Assistant Sports Dietitian with the Texas Tech football team.”

Jake Mertens ('12) -