About Internships

An internship gives you, the student, an opportunity to earn academic credit and possible income while applying your coursework to a realistic work setting. The program enables employers, students, and the college to share in planned and meaningful work experiences. Internships can be done anywhere in the world and during any term (fall, spring or summer).

Employers: If you would like to post an internship position, please click HERE.


Application Process

  1. You need to meet with your advisor to discuss how an internship fits in with your program of study and how it fits in with your degree plan.
  2. Locate an internship at a business or organization. You will need to talk with the person who will be your supervisor and discuss what you will learn through the experience. For every one credit hour you take towards your internship you will need to complete 45 hours of work at your internship site. We have many resources on the career services website, as well as a career center that can help you find openings. Also, if you have a place or position in mind, you can always contact that organization,  or visit their website to see what possible internships they have, or even if they would create one for you.
  3. Once you have located a business or organization for your internship, you will need to complete the two forms below:


The Dean of each school oversees internships for students majoring in that school. Contact your advisor or the person below if you have questions or need to discuss internship options.

Important Information

In order to ensure you can get registered and start your internship during your desired term, you should submit your forms accordingly:

  • Fall internship – submit completed forms by second week of July
  • Spring internship – submit completed forms by finals week in December
  • Summer internship – submit completed forms by second week of April

Please be sure to do the following:

  • Once you are registered for an internship you will pay for that like you would any other academic credits and you will participate in a course in Blackboard.
  • Please keep in mind, if you are currently working for an organization, you cannot use your current position as your internship. You can, however, use your place of employment. You would need to establish a special project or another area in which to perform your internship. If you choose to use your current place of employment for your internship, you will be required to submit a copy of your job description along with your objectives for your internship.