MINOR: Human Resources and Risk Management


Course No. Title Hours
BUS 331 Risk Management and Insurance 3
BUS 353 Organizational Ethics 3
BUS 380 Human Resources Management 3
BUS 381 Employee Training and Development 3
BUS 390 Project Management 3
BUS 460 Employment Law 3
BUS 461 Compensation and Benefits 3
    Minor Total 21


Course Descriptions:

BUS 331 | Risk Management and Insurance (3 credit hours)
This course introduces students to the study of risk management and insurance.

BUS 353 | Organizational Ethics (3 credit hours)
This course applies ethical concepts and principles to moral issues in business: corporate responsibility, discrimination, advertising, competition, whistle-blowing, trade-secrets, multinationals, environment, workers' rights, government regulation, investment, bribes, product liability, and consumerism.

BUS 380 | Human Resources Management (3 credit hours)
Students will gain an understanding of the basic concepts associated with human resource management and learn how to plan and implement strategies for efficient management of a firm's most critical resources-employees. Recruiting, selecting, evaluating, developing, and compensating employees is emphasized, while legal issues, managing in a union environment and contemporary issues in human resources management will also be covered.

BUS 381 | Employee Training and Development (3 credit hours)
This course is designed to assist students in the study of corporate training. Topics include: needs assessment, relevant education theories and program design, transfer of training, traditional training methods, use of new technologies in training, and follow-up and evaluation of costs and benefits of training.

BUS 390 | Project Management (3 credit hours)
This course focuses on concepts, strategies and software associated with project management and the use of project management in the organizational environment.

BUS 460 | Employment Law (3 credit hours)
This course is a comprehensive study of federal and state employment laws and regulations. Students will apply equal employment opportunity concepts to case scenarios and will explore court decisions and regulatory actions relating to human resource functions including hiring, compensating, establishing terms of employment, disciplining and terminating employees. This course will prepare the student to be an effective member of a human resources team with regard to the legal and regulatory environment of employment functions.

BUS 461 | Compensation and Benefits (3 credit hours)
Students will build upon the knowledge learned in BUS 380, Human Resources Management, in understanding how the effective design and administration of total compensation systems assists in recruiting and retaining a highly qualified, motivated, and productive workforce. The focus of the course will be total compensation, including direct and indirect systems. Discussion of how organizations evaluate and determine appropriate systems for their business will be included. Topics encompass base pay systems, individual and group bonuses, executive compensation, discretionary benefits, legally-required benefits, and contemporary strategy compensation challenges.