Honors Living Learning Community

The Honors Community consists of freshmen and upperclassmen who are in the Honors Program at Peru State College. The Honors Program at Peru State College is a college-wide academic program promoting advanced study and scholarship for students with strong records of academic achievement.  The program provides its students with opportunities for in-depth study not generally available in other courses through small class sizes, frequent interaction within the program, a unique curriculum, and mentored scholarly and research opportunities.  The goal of the program is to enhance the intellectual capabilities and broaden the experience of the College’s intellectual leaders. Living together in the Honors Community will allow Honors Program students to further interact outside the classroom with each other and faculty/staff. The Honors Community will have excursion opportunities, service project opportunities, and specialized programming to enhance their college experience.

Acceptance into the Honors Program is required to live in the Honors Community.

For more information, contact reslife@peru.edu.